Endless Tower

"We've been at this for hours. Can we go home now?"
"No. I want to see what's up here."
"You're joking right?! You know that you can't get to the top, it's literally impossible."
"Whatever, just shut up and keep walking."
— Bickering friends
Endless tower is a tall (obviously) building somewhere in the Chrihaia Lake of Hell. It is believed that the God of Torture resides at the top of the tower, and that no mortal has ever seen them. This is because once you start climbing the tower, you can never reach the top, as the stairs keep on appearing the higher you get, while the tower itself remains at a fixed height.

Purpose / Function

Right at the top of the Endless Tower sits the throne of Mulhaia, the God of Torture. The throne holds the power of Mulhaia, and if he ever moves from the throne he loses his powers, thanks to a curse that stops him from wreaking havoc on the Yonderverse. The tower's design prevents anyone from entering this room, as you cannot reach the top of tower without entering through the roof.


The large room at the top of the tower is about 10 metres in diameter. The middle of the room contains the stairway, which reaches all the way towards the ceiling. On the ceiling is a red, curling vine shaped chandelier with heart shaped black candles forever burning. To one corner of the room sits Mulhaia's throne, made of gold, furnished with red carpets, engraved in black crystals. The wall of the room is coated in the skulls of various creatures in the Yonderverse, listed with what creature they are and how they died - usually in very unorthodox ways. One example is a dologoth head from Greenerth, with the sign: "Killed with a shovel in the ass".


The tower is constructed from a bright, red rock called magmarium. The walls of the tower is made from the magmarium, which burns when you touch it. The inside stairs are made from coldstone, another rock found on the planet. The windows are simply slits in the tower, which appear every few metres. There are 14 windows on each of the 4 sides of the tower, so 56 windows in total. There are not only steps, some steps have been replaced with ladders that are at least 20 feet tall, purely for Mulhaia to gain amusement from watching people struggly to climb in the claustrophobic tower.
Parent Location


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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
22 Nov, 2021 20:20

I love how Mulhaia makes the tower super hard to climb just for the funsies, though I really need context for the part where he kills an animal with a shovel in the ass. Like, yes, when in doubt, shovel, but come on

22 Nov, 2021 20:40

Thank you for liking the article! There's nothing to say about the shovel thing, Mulhaia just enjoys killing things in weird ways :/

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