Eleven: Puck the Living Moon

Eleven is the eleventh largest moon orbiting Echos, a planet in the Sao Solar System. It is the only moon orbiting the planet that is alive. This creature lays partially dormant, hibernating every few years before waking up for a few months and then sleeping again. As far as we know, the moon likes to call itself "Puck".


Puck is the eleventh largest moon orbiting Echos. Its skin resembles the rock seen on every other moon orbiting Echos, except this one moves with every heavy breath Puck takes. The moon creature has many ridges and nodes on its back, resembling mountains and valleys carved within the creature. Several large craters exist which support large lakes and tons of plant life. Many scientists are still conflicted as to how this creature operates; whether it is basically a large creature curled up or it is truly the shape of a moon.


The warmth that radiates from Puck's body is capable of supporting actual life upon its body. Many plant species have grown on Puck's back, which in turn is able to support life other than its own. Several unusual species have arisen since Puck found itself orbiting Echos, such as the delightful glimmerwings.
Planetoid / Moon
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Research Facility

Puck the Living Moon has a special, one of a kind research facility constructed upon its back. This building is designed to understand what kind of a creature this being is, and understand the language it speaks. So far, the facility has been able to understand "my name is Puck", which is why the name "Eleven" was scratched, and then replaced with "Puck".


Author's Notes

Thank you Andrew for the idea!

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7 Dec, 2021 20:16

Aw, rad. Even the single phrase of "My name is Puck" gives a number of implications as to what or who this being is. Great work as always, Mochi.

7 Dec, 2021 20:16

Thank you so much! ^-^

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7 Dec, 2021 20:29

I love Puck! Especially that he (?) is able to support life thanks to his warmth. What does it breathe though? Have scientists figured that out? And does exhaling create some kind of atmosphere?

7 Dec, 2021 20:33

Glad you like Puck! I'm not quite sure how it would breathe, possibly through its skin, or some kind of hole in its body. I'll have to think about it and add to the article ^-^

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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
16 Dec, 2021 19:40

Puck ! There's not a lot about him, but I suppose that makes it even better

16 Dec, 2021 19:46

There will be! I just need some time to brainstorm ideas :P

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