Death Pig

Death pigs are a cute, aggressive mammal species from Osao. Aside from slimes, they are one of the most common animals on the planet, often kept as pets. The origin of their names puzzles most, as these are neither pigs nor associated with death.


Death pigs have a very rotund shape, with incredibly large heads proportionate to their bodies. Their mouths take up half of their entire bodies. Their mouths lack any teeth, but they have giant tongues that suffocate live prey to death. Death pigs have small arms and legs, that cause the animals to waddle when they walk. Death pigs have thick armour on their backs, and are able to carry large weights.

As a domesticated species and a common pet, death pigs come in thousands of varieties. Many of these are simply alternative colours to the typical pinks of a pig, and other patterns are popular too. A common pattern is the star pattern, where a large star shape appears on their backs, and can come in many different colours.


Death pigs are generally carnivorous. In the wild, they pounce on small prey and suffocate them beneath their giant tongues, before swallowing them whole. As they conserve energy all day with their slow walking, they use it all when they pounce on their prey.

Many different companies on Osao have developed both dry and wet food for death pigs. These typically come in different shapes of cartoonish animals, so the pigs can still exhibit their natural hunting behaviours. These foods have every nutrient that the animals need, with the perfect amount for a healthy death pig.


Death pigs are very private when they mate. Once they have found a mate at 3 years of age, they will find the quietest, most undiscoverable spot they can to mate. Gestation period is approximately 9 weeks, and death pigs give birth through their mouths, giving birth to a litter of anywhere between 9 and 14 babies, also known as diglets.

Habitat & Location

These animals inhabit a wide range of climates and biomes on Osao. In the wild they have been recorded in every single of the four continents, flourishing in a whole host of environments, from the mountains and tundras, to the deserts and savannas.


Their aggressive nature yet harmlessness makes them fun pets for slimes to have. Slime children enjoy angering death pigs, which some people find controversial. Death pigs are fairly easy to look after - they defecate in one particular spot, they eat simple foods, aside from their aggressiveness, they are a perfect pet.

The mistreatment of death pigs is a common topic debated. Many side with the fact that they are harmless and therefore angering them causes no consequences, but others believe that death pigs simply shouldn't be angered in the first place, and believe that it is basic kindness not to anger them. The more modern idea is that death pigs deserve kindness, and efforts are being made to change other's views.

Death PIg by Mochi
10 years
Average Height
2 feet
Average Length
2.5 feet
Geographic Distribution

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