David Tennason

David Nathaniel Tennason (He/him)

Escape from Earth - Day 337
I've spotted a strange bubble thing pretty close! I think there are some plants in the middle, so it is probably my best shot. Honestly at this point I don't care if I live or die. I'm still going to hold out some hope.
The sole survivor of the human race, David Tennason lives in a space bubble aptly nicknamed "Paradise".

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

David is in a very good physical condition. A strong figure, constant work in his spaceship and his space bubble home has given a muscly body. He is very fit, with a good stamina and a high metabolism.

Facial Features

David's face is very soft, with a strong jawline. He has small freckles below his eyes, which are a dark green. He has a slightly visible monobrow. His hair is long, usually tied back by a small hair tie but sometimes he enjoys to style it, plaiting it and braiding it.

Identifying Characteristics

David has a large scar on his arm, supposedly from a space creature attack but he doesn't really like to talk about it. He also has only three-quarters of his monobrow, as he cut one off because he didn't like how it looked. He tells people he slipped, but it's very obvious he didn't.

Apparel & Accessories

David has a pink diamond bracelet, which he found in a pawn shop on Greenerth. The owners didn't realise it was made of pink diamonds, so David bought it for 30 corral. This bracelet is worn whenever he meets his partner on Karkhala, as he believes it brings him good luck and fortune.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on 14th June 2014, David was born at home. David lived with his mother, father, and twin sisters until he was 13, when his parents got a divorce. His father moved out, and david would then only live with his mother.   He moved out into his own home when he was 21, after completing his bachelors degree in engineering early, the course wavering their 4 year minimum to two because David was too competent.   His high status would then get him a job for the Royal Navy, specifically the Fleet Air Arm. He designed air and spaceships, that would be able to survive prolonged, and hopefully permanent exposure in space.   In the year 2048, the ancient virus was released, and in a few weeks, had over the entire planet Earth. When the virus had killed off most of Britain, he made his way to the airforce base to steal a spaceship and fly away. While not the most brilliant plan, he succeeded, and managed to fly out of the atmosphere.   11 months later, and David has survived many attacks from space creatures and space pirates, and found a space bubble where he then called home (he actually called it paradise).


David Tennason identified as bisexual, which is meaningless to anyone but him because sexualities do not exist outside of Earth. David had dated several women and men in his time on Earth.   David also dated a man on Karkhala, which started out as casual but officially started dating several months after. They have had a relationship for a year now.


He showed exceptional talent and intelligence in classes, and would always remain at the top of his class, especially in engineering. His father, who was already an engineer, led him in that direction. Recieving many recommendations from his teachers, he easily graduated from university, earning himself a bachelors degree in engineering. He got a job as an engineer for the Royal Navy, in the airships division.


After leaving Earth, he is a part-time engineer, part-time gardener. David grows a special plant used in medicines on Karkhala, and also spends some time fixing broken spaceships in various planets, in specific SS-repairs.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Undoubtably the biggest of David's achievement was surviving the ancient virus. This virus killed off literally every single other human, but David managed to survive by taking control of a spaceship and flying it out of the planet before the virus reached him. Despite most people's aversion to humans, David had the respect of many people he met because of this feat.

Mental Trauma

The trauma of losing David's entire family and everyone he knows still haunts him to this day. David had a good relationship with his parents and siblings, so losing them to the virus was incredibly hard.
Current Location
Date of Birth
14th June 2014
Year of Birth
2014 36 Years old
Dark green
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown
178 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Known Languages
Because of the Universal Translator Spell, David is able to understand every language in the Yonderverse, but he is fluent in English, German and U'Or-I, the language of the man he is dating.


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