Cyclops Tadpole

Giant Cyclops Tadpole

UETO-6-GCT (Giant Cyclops Tadpole) are large amphibian creatures found in space, on  A-Planets. They live in the small puddles or lakes on A-Planets, and they are so common they sometimes fill entire puddles, draining all the water out and then dying off since there is no water.

Basic Information


Cyclops tadpoles have a rounded body, which is 50% eye. The eye has a horizontal pupil, similar to cephalopods. They have a large leaf shaped tail protruding from the back of its head, which contains a long barb going all the way through its tail. When in danger, it flicks the barb out and stabs at the direction the predator is in.

Growth Rate & Stages

When cyclops tadpoles were first discovered, it was theorised they were just juveniles and would grow into large toad like creatures. But, after careful examination over a year's period, no growth occured, leading scientists to believe they remained tadpoles their entire lives.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cyclops tadpoles are photosynthivores, special pads on their backs allow them to absorb the sunlight and turn it into the energy needed to keep them going.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Having a giant eye helps these creatures see far away. Their eyesight is so powerful they can see in night vision, ultra violet light, even through dimensions and see through other's eyes..
Geographic Distribution


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8 Aug, 2021 00:49

Aw, that's weird, them not developing into big froggy bois. A big mystery, yes. I wonder how much it hurts when the little bastards stab you.