Crystal Mountain

The Crystal Mountain is the largest "mountain" on Twelve, a moon orbiting Echos in the Sao System. The entirety of Stargazer City is situated on the mountain, with the Crystal Castle on the peak.


Crystal Mountain is located just below the Equator on the moon. Because of the landmark's shape, it is classified as a mesa, yet confusingly still called a mountain. There are steep ridges all around the mountain, with a perfectly flat top. The mountain is 90 kilometres wide at its greatest, with an elevation of 65 metres.

The mountain is made of the same crystal compound as the Crystal Castle. During the daytime, the Sun's rays illuminate the mountain, and can even be seen clearly from space in orbit.

Flora & Fauna

There are few species living on the Crystal Mountain, because of its elevation, climate and geology. The crystals in the mountain are actually toxic to a number of species, and those who have adapted to the mountain aren't actually immune to the toxins; instead they either fly, levitate, or simply have a very thick outer layer of skin.


There is absolutely no plant life on the mountain what-so-ever. The crystal's toxicity make it impossible for plants to grow, and no plants have any immunity to the toxins either. Any farmlands in Stargazer City are kept in separate fields with metal containers dug in the ground, so the toxins cannot seep into the soil.


There is little animal life on the mountain-top. The species that live here have unique adaptations to deal with the toxins. Some flying animals include marhas; large mammals with wings so powerful they never get tired. That doesn't stop them from resting on top of buildings, causing structural damage over time.

There are a few species of animals that have mastered levitation. One species, the alphli, live in herds that occasionally float through the streets of Stargazer City. Their presence evokes a feeling of tiredness in those that get within a few metres of it, which causes issues when they travel through crowded streets.

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