Crystal Castle

The Crystal Castle is the largest single building in Stargazer City. It was once home to the Grand Twelve, before they relocated to Two Point Tower, another landmark in the city.


Crystal Castle is located right at the centre of Stargazer City. As one of the first buildings to be constructed, the castle recieved a central location as the city grew around it. The castle has just one entrance, at the front of the building, but paths wrap entirely around it.


Constructed a thousand years ago, at the origin of Stargazer City, the castle was by far the most expensive building. Costing trillions of milins, the castle was constructed entirely out of transparent crystal sheets. The castle was so expensive because with one sheet of crystal, it appears transparent, but with two sheets or more, it becomes completely opaque. One sheet alone cost 500 milins, or £1 million, and with the size of the castle it would be quite an expensive building.

While Stargazer City's infrastructure was being laid out, the castle was being constructed. It took 500 workers and six years of building for the castle to finish its creation.

For the first 600 years of its existence, the castle housed the Grand Twelve, a group of highly intelligent "immortal" beings that ran Stargazer City. Their intentions were simple; obtain as much money as they can during their doomed existence. Knowing that most people in the Yonderverse were violent beings, they supplied military vehicles and weapons to whomever needed them. This business brought in great riches, which allowed them to expand the city, taking in those who for whatever reason could not make a living elsewhere, forcing them into tiny houses and making them work for a pathetic wage.


The Crystal Castle is constructed entirely of thin sheets of indestructable crystals. These crystal sheets are transparent, but when stacked against each other, are completely opaque. The exterior of the castle manipulates the crystal sheets to produce beautiful arrays of light shone from the castle. The rainbow lighting illuminates the walls of the surrounding buildings, grass, even the skies. This particular crystal was chosen because it shines particularly bright, catching anybody's attention - which is more useful than ever now that the Crystal Castle is a tourist attraction, bringing in even more money for the Grand Twelve.


After the Grand Twelve moved out of the castle, into Two Point Tower, they wasted no time turning their abandoned home into a tourist attraction. This was another method of bringing in money for themselves. Today, tourists line up in their hundreds, queuing before the gates to wander about the castle's shining halls, admiring what used to be the immortal Grand Twelve's homes. If only they knew the rulers' real motives, and how they treat the workers of the city.
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