Centaurs were a race of being from the Tropics region, on Southland and Tropacia. They went extinct due to the failed Centaur Uprising, when harmonids shrank the centaur territories and the centaurs fought back.

Basic Information


A traditional sapient species torso sits atop a large equine body. The horse body's fur came in a large expanse of colours and shades, blondes and whites, greys and silvers, browns and blacks. The bodies also had many patterns and spots on them which differed between individuals. The harmonid-like half of the body had a dark brown skin, which had spiky reinforcements on them around the arms and back. They had two pairs of sturdy legs ending in two hooves. These hooves when the appropriate length were 4 inches long.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike most sapient races, centaurs mated in Uribar for the sole purpose of producing infants. Gestation period was about 250 days, in which the baby grew through 3 stages, and then finally gave birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Centaurs grew at a fast rate, reaching maturity at the age of 12. Centaurs were taught at a very early age how to fend for themselves, allowing for them to wander on their own out of their herds and not be at much risk.

Ecology and Habitats

Centaurs preferred to live in open areas, where spotting predators and prey are easiest. Centaurs built their simple villages in the open savannas and constructed big walls around them, to allow security without constantly having to keep watch for predators.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Centaurs were herbivores, they farmed for food, growing many crop species such as angril, wheat, corn, among others.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Centaurs had impressive hearing and sight, they could see miles through the open savanna plains. Their hearing had evolved so far that they could tune out certain sounds completely, handy during insect season when populations of screeching crickets doubled.

Civilization and Culture


Centaurs started appearing in Southland about 2 million years ago. They cultivated a reputation for being very territorial, scaring off any rivals for their land, which at the time was the entire island. They had turned the island into giant farmlands, and building small villages for their population.   1.8 million years ago, harmonids arrived in Southland and Tropacia, much to the centaur's concern. They began building on the centaurs island, and the centaurs tried to fight back, resulting in catastrophic battles leaving both sides at risk. Harmonids took over most of the island, which caused the Centaur Uprising, after the centaurs were forced into smaller and smaller territories.   One harmonids won, centaurs were forced into smaller and smaller areas which resulted in their extinction, after they ran out of food, water and resources.
Geographic Distribution


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