Cave Rocklin

Cave rocklins are a sapient species found underneath Blue Mountain, on Greenerth. They are directly related to their rocklin cousins, however their existence underground has caused them to evolve slightly differently.


Like rocklins, cave rocklins stand upright. They have a round. blue body, with two arms sticking out each side and two short legs sticking out below. Three digits extend from each appendage, with their thumbs twice the length as their other digits. Their heads are small, with two tiny horns extending atop their heads. These horns end in a crystallised tip, which glow depending on their mood.


Cave rocklins feed on various rocks and minerals they excavate in the caves they call home. More often than not, cave rocklins dig out new cave systems to mine, to avoid destabilising the ones they live in. These people don't enjoy flavour with their food, so usually they simply eat ground up rocks and ores as they come.


Just underneath Blue Mountain are cave systems that stretch miles. Some of these caves are naturally occuring, others are artificial. Cave rocklins live underneath this mountain, and barricade every single entrance to the outside world with sturdy metal doors. These doors are actually designed to keep out the Bone Snake of Mistfall Valley, a mythological monster that inhabits the valley just north of Blue Mountain.



Cave rocklins have lived underneath Blue Mountain for at least six thousand years. The earliest mentions of them were from this time period, stone tablets created by the rock golems of the Frost Mountain Range documented tiny creatures at the foot of the mountain, leaving the caves every night and returning early the next morning. It is unknown how these rocklins arrived at Blue Mountain, as rocklins live on a completely different continent. Some scientists theorise that a migration occurred for an unknown reason, causing some rocklins to flee, and others believe that rocklins and cave rocklins aren't actually related, and an evolutionary miracle occurred where both species accidentally evolved to be almost anatomically identical.   Cave rocklins have been on the PA's radar ever since they turned up at Blue Mountain. It was difficult for them to study the species, since the doors to their civilisation are always locked and they are too small to enter. Sfm-a, an Aar-Aori that works for the PA, was the first person to document anything on this species. Harnessing their shapeshifting abilities, Sfm-a snuck into the cave rocklin's home and spent four years writing down everything they could on the species. Having studied rocklins on their island, they were generally familiar with the species, so it wasn't a very long project. Thanks to Sfm-a, the cave rocklin species has been fully documented for the past twelve years.
50 years
Average Height

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