Boundless Cavern

The Boundless Cavern is the largest cavern on Cavotov, within the Jaicha Cave System. The cavern stretches 1670 miles, north to south. It is directly underneath the Equatorial Ocean, and the cavern reaches over a kilometre in height, even forming clouds and weather patterns within.


The cavern's size raises questions as to how it even manages to stay up. Truthfully, nobody quite knows. The top of the cavern sits just below the Equatorial Ocean, and because of the water that seeps through the stalactites and stalagmites formed have grown so large they have formed giant pillars. One notable group of stalactites have formed Death's Maw, a ring of the structures.

Several sub-biomes exist along the floors of the Boundless Cavern. The tropical rainforests experience a lot of rainfall, thanks to the weather patterns and reinforced by the "leaking" of the ocean above. The swamplands right at the north end of the cavern are very hilly, forming giant circular pools with trees and plant life endemic to the life-giving waters.

Fauna & Flora


There is a large amount of animal species in the Boundless Cavern, over 500 mammal species, 300 bird species, 5,000 insect species, and 600 amphibian species have been recorded. The Qoatzils live in the swamplands in the north of the cavern, and have formed several small settlements around the area.


Similarly to fauna, there is an abundance of flora in this cavern. With frequent rainfall, plants are provided with water and the minerals in the soil help them grow. The rainforest and swamplands of the Boundless Cavern have thousands of plant species, over a hundred tree species.


The Qoatzils are one of two sapient species on the planet, the other one being the Johlviis. The Qoatzils are endemic to the swamplands of this cavern, and have constructed several impressive settlements. Despite being small settlements, they are incredibly advanced, with complex social systems that make sure everybody is happy and content.
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