Botanic Bogs

Botanic Bogs is a group of 2 islands located far west of Kazaharo Cliffs. They are small islands, but with a rich variety of swamp plants and nature dragons.


Botanic Bogs is full of lakes, rivers, murky shallows. Both islands are mostly populated with mangrove and willow trees among others. The muddy waters are home to a variety of plant species, lilypads, lotuses, vines, and ferns. There are few gallors in the north, which are mostly large communal dragon nests.

Fauna & Flora

The dragons found on these islands are mostly nature dragons, like threadtails, undead swiftskulls and floradrakes. You can also find the occasional night owl or crested rubyscale.   You can find many swamp plants here, like pentagon lilypads, blueseed bulrushes and rosemites.

Cover image: Dracosei Header by Mochi


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