Blood Crystal

Blood crystals are incredibly rare items gained from the corpses of creatures. They are absorbed from the bodies after one has died, and in most cases people are killed so people can obtain the crystals.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Blood crystals are one of the most powerful catalysts for blood magic. Blood magic spells are enhanced when the user wears a blood crystal pendant, bracelet or any other kind of jewelry and accessory.   The blood crystal becomes a stronger catalyst when the victim has been murdered: a more brutal death means the stronger blood crystal.

Manufacturing process

Blood crystals can be obtained by sacrabsorbing the blood from a freshly dead body. Some industrially farmed blood crystals are made when a company purchases dead bodies of people and bring them to a sacrabsorbing facility where their blood is obtained and turned into a crystal.
Blood crystals are incredibly rare. The few people who have obtained the crystals had to kill people in order to get them. Only about 17 people have been known to have and use blood crystals, and 6 of them have been put in prison for the murders.
Raw materials & Components
Blood crystals are made solely from the blood of a freshly deceased body. The blood is crystallised with magic and is left to harden for a few days. The process is rather difficult, as the body is hard to obtain, but is rewarding if you can get one.
The only two tools to create a blood crystal is a blood catcher spell and a dead body. While dead bodies aren't the easiest thing to get, the blood catcher spells are rather simple to do and one can use even the easiest of spells to create a blood crystal.
Related Materials


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