Bioluminescent Atmosphere

Bioluminescent atmospheres are peculiar phenomenas known to occur throughout the Yonderverse. These atmospheres are rare, and typically form under strict circumstances, and only last a short while, reappearing periodically. Bioluminescent atmospheres cause specific organisms to glow whilst they are within said atmosphere.

Scientific Debate

The presence of bioluminescent atmospheres is the topic of many debates between scientists that cannot decide about its origins. Some say that bioluminescent atmospheres are the result of magical imbalances that have physiological effects on organisms, but others say it is a result of various chemicals and substances combining to awaken dormant bioluminescent genes. There is great amounts of evidence to support both theories, some people settling on the idea that both cause bioluminescent atmospheres.

Magical Manifestation

The entire Yonderverse is woven together with various forms of magic. Every single physical location, person, creature, is based on one or many forms of magic, and together creates a harmonic balance that creates life. Magic is so interwoven with life that DNA is partially made of magic. Different people, locations, or species will be comprised of different amounts of magic, and there are so many forms of magic that it is almost impossible to tell what types of magic makes up something.

Scientists believe that everything in the Yonderverse requires a specific percentage of different magic types. An imbalance will have certain consequences, one of which is the manifestation of a bioluminescent atmosphere. There is a lot of evidence to support this, the most prevalent example being the Horror Dimension. Scientists are confident that the Horror Dimension is comprised of Blood Magic, Death Magic, Horror Magic, Nightmare Magic and a hint of Heart Magic.

Approximately 500 years ago, the Horror Dimension experienced a surge of Blood Magic that caused a great imbalance in magic. This imbalance caused a bioluminescent atmosphere across the Yonderverse, and any creature native to the Horror Dimension began to glow incredibly brightly. On Greenerth the invisible demons became impossible to ignore, and as a result the whole planet went into lockdown while blood mages attempted to cull the entire population of the monsters, keeping some alive to be studied.

Chemical Manifestation

The other manifestation of bioluminescent atmospheres, and by far the most common, involves chemicals. When various chemicals come into close contact with each other, they cause a bioluminescent atmosphere. The mst common cause is with two magnetic materials, caeralium and rubelium. These blue and red metals, when in close contact, create this atmosphere that awaken dormant bioluminescent chemicals in organisms, resulting in the lifeforms glowing whilst in this atmosphere.

There are many cases of this occuring, such as with moon rays on the planet Dave. As the moon Icara reaches the closest point in its orbit to Dave, it comes into close contact with the Obsidian Stone. Icara contains large veins of caeralium, while the Obsidian Stone contains veins of rubelium. Together, they create a bioluminescent atmosphere that only lasts a few days, but awakens the chemicals within moon rays that makes them glow a bright purple colour.

Affected Locations
Ghost Star
Horror Dimension

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