Bapycaras are the cuddliest critters from Osao. These squishy mammals are the largest rodent species on the planet, and the bright pink colouration makes them stand out in the teal umbrella forests they inhabit.


Bapycaras have a body built for the water. They are a semi-aquatic species, with thin waterproof fur that keeps the animals buoyant. To aid this, the animals have a thick layer of blubber around their torsos that help keep them afloat. At the end of their snouts are a special electroreceptory organ that allows them to detect miniscule vibrations in the water, alerting them of any danger.

Their pink colouration is very effective at camouflaging against predators. To most carnivorous animal species the colour pink is seen as a turquoise, which perfectly conceals them as a floating rock or log in the water and thus camouflages the animal.


Babycaras consume a diet entirely of plant matter. They will swallow rocks in order to sink to the bottom of the rivers and lakes so they can graze on the plant matter that grows there, and then regurgitate the rocks once they have climbed out after eating a satisfactory amount.

In captivity, bapycaras can be fed almost any plant matter that does not contain potassium. This leaves many plant materials that can be fed, and many of which are commonly grown and people have easy access to.


Bapycaras are monogamous, and seek out a mate for life after their first year. They will mate and the female will give birth with a gestation period of 60 days. She will typically give birth to five pups, with a 40% survival rate in the wild. Bapycaras are extremely territorial over their children, and will put their lives on the line to protect them. The parents will force their children to roll in manure if predators are sensed, to disguise their scents.

Baby bapycaras have thick plating on the tops of their skulls and around their necks, to protect from predators. This somewhat restricts movement, but these plates are shed after about 50 days, and are consumed by the mother and father.

Behaviour & Pets

Outside of mating season, bapycaras are very docile animals. They lack any fear as animals, and because of that they do not run away when predators are nearby. Instead they simply sit wherever they find themselves to be and pretend to be a rock or a log, which works surprisingly well. Many predatory animals have been seen standing on top of bapycaras while hunting, which makes scientists wonder how the predators did not smell the prey right below them.

In captivity, bapycaras have been shown to seek out attention. They will headbutt doors of houses until someone opens the door and gives attention to the animal. Unfortunately, bapycaras are so irresistably cute that people cannot stop themselves from cuddling them, and at that point bapycaras become addicted to pets, cuddles, and any other form of attention.

Bapycara by Mochi
10 years
Average Height
3 - 4 feet (0.9 - 1.2 metres)
Average Length
4 - 5 feet (1.2 - 1.5 metres)
Geographic Distribution

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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by Naelin. After showing me pictures of capybaras, I became sad because I could not pet any of them. So I wrote this in spite.

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