Aroma Bush Gardener

Aroma bushes are some of the most vital plants on Greenerth, their properties and scents are used worldwide for a number of medicines, perfumes and other items. But to work as a farmer for one, is a different story.



There are no real qualifications to become an aroma bush gardener, since all you need is a bush and a plant pot.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment happens when you sell the bushes to bigger companies, who will most likely pay you per aroma bush. Payment isn't too high, about 5 corral per bush. So, for a regular worker, it is not a bad pay if you work alongside a steadily incoming job. But to earn money purely from harvesting aroma bushes, you would need a lot, and preferably automated too to save time.



Shears are required to trim the roots of aroma bushes, planting more and more, and you would also need them to harvest the leaves to sell, or to sell the entire bush. You may also want some nose plugs, the smell of the bushes can be overwhelming at times without proper air flow throughout the greenhouse.


A greenhouse is not required, but is advised due to the giant bees that would attack otherwise. The greenhouse should also have opaque windows so the bees cannot see the bushes, as they would probably be able to break through the windows.


There will always be the intoxicating smell of aroma bushes, which can sometimes be incredibly overpowering. This makes the job sometimes very difficult to accomplish.

Dangers & Hazards

The scent of these bushes can travel miles in the wind. This attracts all kinds of creatures to the source of the smells, including and not limited to giant bees. Giant bees, when they see aroma bushes, will attack anything moving near it, so they can have the aroma bush for itself. Just the giant bees themselves makes most people avoid this as a profession.
Generally a staple, not many people want to be an aroma bush farmer due to the risks.


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