Ancient Altar

The ancient altar is a mystical, dangerous altar floating about space, just outside of the Kinosmo System. It contains one of the most lethal and infectious viruses known in the Yonderverse, and was able to wipe out the entire Human race in just under a few weeks. After humans went extinct, the altar was taken and locked in the glass prison, the biggest prison in the Yonderverse.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

On the stone platform that the altar sits on is a hidden pressure plate that will detect if someone were to stand on it. When someone does, the box underneath the altar will open, and release the virus upon whoever is standing on the altar. The altar itself contains information in books on certain ancient rituals, believed to be worshipping unknown Gods from lands farther than anyone has ever travelled.


The first, and only people to ever step on the altar were of course the humans. Their first travelling into outer space beyond the Kinosmo System led them to coming across this altar. A man named Gino Accardo was the only human to step on the altar, and he himself caught the virus first. He entered the spaceship after leaving the altar, and in the next 30 minutes the entire crew aboard the spaceship had caught the virus, and then died just after returning to Earth. When they returned to Earth, the virus spread rapidly across the United States Of America, and then travelled north and south to Canada and Central and South America. As people tried to flee the country, some accidentally brought the virus onto planes and ships, taking the virus worldwide. The outbreak had reached every single continent on the planet, except Antarctica, and leaving tribes that lived on remote islands alive.

That was until the virus started infecting other creatures, especially fish. Fish species were held captive by this virus, and swam their way to these islands that had the unaffected tribes, and gave them the virus when the people ate the fish. Just over a month after the virus had come to Earth, the entire human population had died out, except for the select few who had escaped the planet entirely.

Only 3 people had hijacked spaceships and left the planet, Nico Malan, Jóhanna Aita, and David Tennason. Unfortunately, Nico Malan had caught the virus and quickly died to the virus, and Jóhanna was swallowed by a lordricarr, leaving only David alive, who still remains alive to this day.


Word about the ancient altar spread like wildfire once the human race had been wiped out. The altar had been discovered prior to humans finding them, but no one spoke of it because those who discovered it sensed the dangers and never went too close.
Nowadays, almost everyone in the Yonderverse has heard of the altar, and knows of its properties. Human extinction is a fun topic to discuss and therefore the altar is often brought up along with it.
Current Location

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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that people casually talk about a specie's extinction ? Like, does David know ? And how did the virus kill everyone ?

3 Dec, 2021 16:44

Most people in my universe don't like humans much because of how they treated their planet; most other races on other planets make sure that they aren't killing their planet, and so they look down to humans. When they went extinct, people weren't really upset. And yes, David is very aware of it, and of course he is very sad about it too. And as of now I'm not too sure how the virus kills people, all I've decided is that it does xD

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