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Tyrin, the messenger of the gods

According to Davidovian mythology, and especially Seris mythology, Tyrin are mythical creatures who live in the hills, far from human civilization eating flowers or some stories say, feeding on fog clouds. They're inmortal creatures who only appear in public only when the gods want to send a message to humans or when an special human is about to be born.


Tyrin were old Lake Spirits , who chose to live near the mountain springs. They were according to davidovian myths, born from the last eggs laid by the Primordial Dragon. and thus were "brothers and sisters" of the gods, but they didn't share their status. Seris texts consider them semi-divine or as lesser gods and subject to worship, while the Ikarians and Oronai do worship them but they are not sure about their status.
It seems that they had an important role in the Kallian civilization, where they were worshiped as spirits related to nature and water and had their own cult. This cult mixed with the Ikarian religion when the Ikarians conquered the Kallian plains. The exact number of Tyrin are unknown but there are few, mostly scattered across Yeia's most important, highest and most inhospitable mountain ranges.

Appearance and Nature

Tyrin have a very distinctive look. They have dragon like faces, with red or golden eyes, goat horns, cow tails, a dog like body and reptilian paws. In some depictions they even have a pair of wings that allows them to fly over the clouds. Their bodies are usually coloured blue or green and their horns are made of rubies or amber.
One of the most peculiar aspects of the Tyrin is that they can adopt a human form once in presence of humans. Why? it is unknown, probably because they feel their normal form would perhaps scare humans and they won't be able to deliver their message. They usually appear to people as very beautiful young boys or girls with golden or red eyes and with horns on their heads.
While dealing with humans Tyrin are very gracious and gentle with those that listen to their message with faith and good will. It is said that when they eat the flowers or wonder through the mountains no sound comes out of them because they don't want to disturb the birds and the rest of creatures that live there while other myths affirm that they levitate instead of walking. The only sound they make is a "song of joy" when they are about to spread the message of an important birth.


As it has been said, Tyrin are the messengers of the gods. How do they recieve their messages? well, the myths tells us of two ways. As they can fly, they can go to the Heavenly Palace of the Gods if they are summoned or the gods can appear to them. Either way the message is delivered personally by the gods or god in question. The other way Tyrin recieve their messages is looking at the night sky. Through the movement, blinking and brightness of the stars it is said that Tyrin can discover and understand the messages of the gods. Thats why is some texts the bright night sky without any clouds its called the "Sea of the Truth" were the truth about the future and future events can be predicted.
Once they recieve the message they descend from the mountains and proclaim the message to the people with great joy and then, they return to their mountain homeland. Many biographies of mythical and historical figures point to the fact that, their birth was proclaim or prophesied by a Tyrin such as the mythical king Davidion and his sons, Arsakes I, the first Seris Emperor, Yemu, the sage and founder of the Yemuist faith, Glaukias, the semi-legendary first Oronai King, and many important Ikarian Emperors.
Also because they preached the message to many peoples with different cultures and languages, it is said that Tyrin know every language in the world, even the dead languages nobody actually speaks nowadays. So, in the Ikarian and Seris worlds, Tyrin are synonimous with wisdom and culture and they are often represented at the entrance of universities or schools in these two davidovian cultures, either in reliefs or in little altars.

Curiosities and facts:

  • Some heroes of the past are said to be half-Tyrin. So its possible although it is unknown how, Tyrin and mortals can have offspring, but these offspring is mortal, unlike their semi-divine parents.
  • This status of the Tyrin, has generated a lot of debate. They are not gods because they cannot influence the world with their power, but at the same time, they're immortal, like the Cloud Lion , and their role is even more complicated because they are also subject to worship (and their worship as gentle spirits has not offended the gods, so it must have been accepted and tolerated by them).
  • Some scholars, specially Blatians have stated that their status among the immortals could be equal to that of a Saint in the Reformed Church. They're not gods, but they can be venerated because of their wisdom, or as examples of loyalty and faith in the gods, the same as the saints.

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