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Paruz of Sakuramish, Seris admiral and explorer


  Paruz was born into a family of merchants that had moved to the Sakouramish not long ago. His father, Varush, had become a quite successful merchant at the capital, selling carpets and also pottery from Blati. So, his family had a really good position inside seris society. Paruz was also the youngest of Varush's sons (Paruz had 2 older brothers and 3 sisters) so he decided to pursue a military career. When he was 16 he enroled into the Imperial army and soon he began ascending into the ranks until becoming a captain. In 686 he was destined to Swift, also known as the "Protectore of the Eastern Regions", There he worked as the personal secretary of the Protector General, Lishë of Astan. He became very fond of the boy, considering him like a son, and advised him to study and pass the Imperial examination in order to become a bureaucrat and climb into the high spheres of seris society.   Paruz followed his advice and studied for 3 years and in 690 he passed the exam, being the 3rd best student of that year. At first he was assigned minor roles inside the capital, but thanks to his connections with Lishë he was chosen for being the governor of Lizarash Province in Southern Seria. There he worked hard to improve the life of the farmers and their productivity, he also supervised some buildings at the port of Orormeh, the most important city of the province, and also married a local girl from a wealthy family named Ari.   But his rise to fame really started when he defeated a dark elf pirate fleet that was sacking the ports of southern Seria. Because of this achievement he was awarded an state in Bamajan (Central Seria) by the Emperor. He was also designated "Commander of the Southern Fleet" in 696 AP.    

A famous explorer is born...

  In 699 AP, Paruz is recalled to Sakouramish. There the Emperor appointed him as the Commander of the recently created "Great Western Fleet" whose mission was to show Seria's might with its great and powerful ships, but also, and most importantly the fleet's main mission was to explore and establish trade with the main powers of the continent of Teria to the East, both the known realms and the unknown, those lying to the south-east. At the end of that year Paruz and his fleet sailed out from Meydatom and turn East. At the beginning of 700 AP the Great Western Fleet reached Blati, where Paruz was received by the Blatian Emperor himself and trade was renewed between both nations.   He then went South and visited Theloduro, at that time capital of the Kingdom of the Green Elves, where he also renewed trade and friendship treaties with the elves. Then, the fleet continued South into the Storm Sea and then turn east again visiting the main elven ports of the coast and watching the Great Channel from the distance. In Spring of 701 the Great Western Fleet passed by the cape of Psounion where they were detected by explorers from the kingdom of Stormitia. The fleet then anchored at Psounion bay, landing on the coast in order to get supplies from the nearby forests, famous for their peach trees when they were ambushed by around 500 Elvish-Oronai hoplites. Why?, well, because the Stormitians didn't have news of the "tour" that Paruz's fleet was doing around Teria and they thought that the fleet that they were seeing was not a diplomatic delegation but a full scale invasion possibly from Wesdaland.   Paruz and his soldiers were only saved when they began screaming "ambassadors!" in elvish and seris. He then was ordered by the stormitian authorities to stay at Psounion Bay while messages were sent to the Brirean King, Nearchos I about his arrival. A couple of days later he and the diplomats on board the ships were allowed to travel to Boria on the Delta, capital of Stormitia, where they were received at the city gates by the half elf king. Together they made a lavish and splendorous entrance into the city. There Paruz signed a treaty of friendship and trade between both states and he also acquired examples of Elvish-Oronai art, fashion, weapons, literature and also one of the famous Parana horses, to be presented to the Seris Emperor. He then move north following the caravans reaching Bazira, where he was received by the Brirean King Zoisos III and also visiting Banias in Autumn 701 AP.   The Great Fleet then continued its journey to the east stopping at the Kingdom of Wesdaland, mapping all its coast, as they have previously done at the realms they visited. There he famously interviewed himself with king Mithridates II, and he was surprised to discover that he was of Seris ancestry and could speak fluently Seris like a native. They exchange gifts and the Wesdalandian king gave him a letter for the Seris Emperor.   The Seris explorer then resume his journey by sea until they got around the cape of Houland in late summer of 702 AP, and finally reaching Clayard, capital of the Kingdom of Whitharfia, but there he could only talk with Queen Amelie because the Whitharfian king was on campaign against the nomads. She advised him not to continued north as the journey would become very dangerous due to the frequent storms and the frozen sea from autumn to spring. Paruz then decided to return to home, something that he achieved in 704 AP. After 4 years of journey Paruz and his men where received as heroes and the tails and products they brought from the West became the source of the imagination of many seris from generations.  

Rest of his life

  In 706 AP he was appointed as Admiral of the Western Fleet again but he quickly was chosen to lead other similar expedition as the on he had done, but this time to the East. But he felt ill and couldn't be chosen as the leader, in his place was chosen an prominent admiral of oronai descent, Karin of Komand, who curiously became his rival inside the navy but also one of his best friends at court and in private.   In 713 was appointed as "General Supervisor for the expansion and improvement of the Navy", a post that he would held until 725 AP. From then on he was appointed briefly as Chamberlain of the Emperor and also as Prime Minister from 729 to 731 AP. By then, the wind was changing and the clouds of civil war and the rise of the Namru, the military class of the country were threatening the Sittakid Dynasty. The days where men like Paruz, or Karin middle class seris who underwent a military career and hold the highest posts in the bureaucracy and in the government were gone. From then on, these type of men would only be found in the Imperial navy and in the medium levels of the bureaucratic system, the rest of the offices would be held by the Namru. Since its retirement from court in 731, aged 70, Paruz spent the rest of his life at his state in Bamajan taking care of the gardens of his mansion and becoming one of the most important figures in the province. There the famous explorer died in Bamajan in 743 AP.  


  With his wife Ari he had 4 sons and 2 daughters,:Paruz "the Younger" who died in battle in 740 AP against an army of the Tedearu clan, Arishi, who married a niece of emperor Mithradates II and Ishan, who also died in battle in 761 AP against the Dark Elves. Paruz daughter's Amiko and Ari "the younger" both married into wealthy aristocratic families of the province of Bamajan.  


    Paruz of Sakuramish voyage to the Western Regions became one of the Seris Empire's greatest feats. His Grand Western Fleet managed to project an image of power and wealth of the Seris State in the international stage that lasted more than a century (despite the internal conflicts that were beginning to arise). He certainly wasn't the first explorer belonging to the Davidovian ethnicity to explore those distant shores ( two centuries earlier, a man called Kallias or Thermon, an Oronai explorer was sent by Boros The Conqueror , the Steplian King to explore the shores that now lied west of the Steplian territories). But he was the first easterner from Karia to explore these (until then unknown to the realms of Karia) and bring back all that knowledge with him. It can be said, that the embassies that he took part in connecting these two continents through trade and diplomacy in a way it hadn't been seen before. In Seria he is remember as a great explorer, a good politician, and one of the last "decent" Prime Ministers before the turmoil of the late 8th century. His tomb is visited by many, specially soldiers from the navy and citizens
661 AP 743 AP 82 years old
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