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Nellerlë of Astan

(a.k.a. "Neli" (for her friends)/ The Silver archer of Banias)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nellernë is in very good shape, she is  very agil (she can easily climb walls or trees). She is also fast allowing her to dissapear from a place or to avoid her persecutors. 

Facial Features

One of the most distinctive features of Nellerlë's face were her elvish "warrior paintings" that she desplayed most of her live as a sign of her respect for the elven warrior traditions. 

Special abilities

Thanks to her excellent sight, she doesn't need an spyglass to see people from a great distance. Also her hearing is also excellent allowing her to listen to voices or sounds like voices or animal sounds from a considerable distance.     Being a forest elf also has its benefits as she can channel energy and magic from nature (although she can only do very basic elven magic (because she hasn't been trained enough) like comunicating with animals or avoiding being attacked by predators.   As an adventurer Nellernë skills with the bow are unmatched in Banias's adventurers guild . Legend says that she headshoted an barbarian commander from Banias's walls during the Great Siege of the city and that her arrows would even pierce the skin of an Ice lion.

Specialized Equipment

Nellernë's equipment is very basic. Her favourite and most used weapon is the Elven arrow she inherited from his father. But she can also fight pretty well with polearms such as spears or  halberd. Although according to Crysanthos she could never properly use a pike "She can be the best archer in Brire, but she would be a poor pikemen, she wouldn't have last a minute during my years of service"- he usually said trying to tease her.
For her chest she usually protects herself with an iron cuirass of Oronai manufacture specially design for a girl, and the rest of her clothers are just basic Seris Elven fashion ( a long green skirt and boots)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nellerlë was born around 420 AP in the city of Astan in south-East Seria. He was the daughter of of Ymil and Bysdril, two elves native to Seria's Southern Regions that have moved to the city of Astan where they oppened a Pottery Shop. His father was recruited into the army when she was 20 (the equivalent to 5-6 years old for a human) for a punitive expedition against the Farai Nomads . There he met a noble cavalry officer called Ayasi (Yuya's ancestor) who saved him in a battle where he was about to be slain by a dismounted nomad warrior. Soon a true friendship developed between both and Ymil became the personal bodyguard of Ayasi and swore to protect and defend the Ayasi family during the rest of his life. So the elven family moved from Astan to Vaneyama, where Ayasi has his Estate. During centuries the mighty villa developed into a powerfull castle, and the domain was prosperous. And generation after generation, Nellerlë's father protected the Kadearu family.   Nellerlë too befriended every Kadearu family head and heir, seeing all of them grow, mature, getting old and finally dying. But that was the life for the elves, as their lifespam was way longer than humans. More than 100 years had past since she was born, and the world was very different, In Seria the Sittakid Dynasty had seized power in 527 and 60 years earlier the mighty Ikarian Empire had fallen, divided into multiple successor kingdoms. Nellerlë was now a young beautiful elven girl that phisically appeared to be 18 or 20 years old and she had become very skill with the bow (the traditional weapon of the elves) and with polearms thanks to his father, she was also become a very athletic and curious girl, going into the forest, hunting little animals. In 596 a new heir to the Kadearu clan was born, Yuya, as with any other child and heir of the family, Nellerlë became took care of this kid and as he grow up they became close friends. Yuya was funny, sometimes naughty, but indeed a good person, he usually got into fights trying to defend other kids, despite being a noble himself.   But then in 611 AP their lives suddlenly changed. Yuya's father Yieshi was acussed of treason to the crown by an envious local official named Tagash. This official demanded Yieshi to get out of the castle to be put under arrest and later face a trial at Sakouramish. He refused as he was an innocent man and demanded a representative of the Emperor to be called and hear his case, allowing him to defend himself against this acusations. But his plea wasn't heard and no representative of the Emperor came (probably because the letter was intercepted by the official). Meanwhile Tagash gathered a goverment army in order to besiege Vaneyama Castle and arrest the "traitor". Seeing this Yieshi gathered his loyal supporters with their armies in the Castle ready to defend it. Soon the castle was besieged and before the castle defenses were finally broken, both Ymil and Yieshi decided to save their children, they dressed them like commoners and showed them a secret passage that would allow them to scape from the castle. Both children didn't want to leave their parents but they insisted. "Save the honour of our family" told Yeishi to Yuya. "Take care of the boy, he is not only your friend, he is also the heir of the clan" told Brysil to his daughter, "we will remain here, if they want to put chains on our feet and hands, they will have to catch us alive" said his father Ymil. It was the last time both saw their parents.     Both Yuya and Nellerlë scaped from the besieged castle, and for the next months they travel around the countryside begging for food. The only thing their parents had given to them was the family sword of the Kadearu Clan (for Yuuya) and a bow and a quiver full of arrows for Nellerlë. Together they learned how to survive in the wilderness, hunting animals, selling their skin and buying food and arrows with the little money they earn. 2 years later, Nellerlë and Yuya arrived at Musttuki, one of the most important port cities of the Empire attracted by the rumors that they've heard from a local adventurer about how much money he earned in Blati's adventurers guild. Both teens have already became skilled with their respective weapons and decided to travel to the the biggest city of Yeia, crossing the Middle and Interior Seas. Their travel last for 2 months until they finally arrived at the great city. But the Guild wasn't interested in recruiting boys. Desperate they almost gave up and even thought on becoming bandits, but a merchant from Oronia told them about Banias's adventurers guild and the fact that skillfull children were even recruited.   So Nellernë and his friend decided to travel again, this time to the westernmost regions of the civilized world. To the recently founded kingdom of Brire. On his journey full of adventures that cannot be told here, because it would be a very long story, but lets say that they have to run from nomads quite a lot of times, they finally arrived to the Parana Valley in Spring of 613 AP and headed towards Banias, where they were accepted into the guild and met Crysanthos, the veteran warrior and the rest of the members of the guild. And together they live a lot of adventures going on hundreds of missions from the guild and from even the Royal family!. And eventually, after all this years staying together, friendship gave place to love, and in 623 they married and have 3 children, Yieshi, Asander and Brisdril, the latter married Crysanthos'son Nikanor.


From 613 AP to his retirement in 760 AP Nellernë has been a member of  Banias's adventurers guild and a proud and famous citizen of the city of Banias. She was even offered to be the director of the guild but she refused saying that she was prepared to be a member of a guild not to direct it. She could be an assistant but the post had a lot of responsability. After that she dedicated herself to her family but also eventually selling potions she had learn during her years as adventurer during the fairs on Banias nearby towns.

Failures & Embarrassments

- (Nellernë) As....Asu....Te, no wait!, ta, Asuta, wait!, what the hell is this??!!!
  • (Yuya) Its says Astan Nelli!!!, the place where you were born, you don't even know to read your own language? hahahaha
  • Grrrr, shut up!!, shut up!!, don't you dare mocking me. This is nonsense, why is it so difficult, couldn't your ancestors just put vowels and consonants like elves do?
  • Nellernë trying to read a letter in Seris
         Despite being surrounded by the nobility during the early years of his life in Seria.  Nellernë never learn to write Seris, despite being a native speaker. The only language she learned to write was elvish (something very usefull while trying to decipher the elven texts founded at every dungeon or magical domain.  And also after spending so many years in Brire she also learned to write in the Ikarian-Oronai script which she considered in her own words "the only good alphabet done by humans".

    Personality Characteristics


    Nellernë's motivations are primarly survival, earn money (thanks to the Adventurers Guild) and live a good comfortable life after all these 5 years of almost begging on the streets. Of course she would never abandon Yuya as he is her friend and because of the promise she made to her father. 
    Of course having friends is esential to her because she lives in a foreign land and her parents are dead, while the rest of her family lives so far away. 

    Likes & Dislikes

    Apart from alcohol and cakes, the things that Nellernë really enjoys are practising seris martial arts, practising with the bow, going to the theatre to watch a commedy and riding horses. 
    On the opposite, despite being so brave  she is afraid of spiders and snakes. 

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Apart from her refined skills and natural abilities. Most of her friends, companions and neighbours said that despite her sometimes, serious looking face  she always has a very kind and humble being. Always trying to help the local villagers who absolutely adored her because of the many times she helped and saved them . She also developed a great sense of humor while being drunk, and thats the reason why Yuya let her challenge Crysanthos because drinking and having fun with her friends made her really happy and for an instant she was showing to all her true self. A funny, noisy, and sometimes naughty adventurer elf rather than a serious, calculating adventurer that she was during the rest of the day. 
      She also was kind of the strategy of the gang alongside Yuya, thinking about how they should accomplish a mission or how could they defeat a powerful enemy at a dungeon.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Incredibly for an elf, Nellernë biggest vice was wine.  Usually festivals at the Adventurers guild always ended with a contest between Crysanthos and Nellernë for seeing who was the one who drinked more alcohol without becoming too drunk. Usually Nellernë lost and Yuuya had to carry her to their house.    Also, another surprinsing aspect is that despite having almost live among nobles, she lacked the sophisticated language of the Seris aristocracy, and instead sometimes Nellernë was famous for being a bit... rude while talking.


    Family Ties

    Apart from Yuya and the family they formed together many years after their adventures. Nothing really is known about her family in Seria. Sometimes she spoke about having an uncle who was a bureaucrat in the north of the country and also about part of her family that still lived in Seria's Southern Provinces. 


    Nellerlë of Astan


    Towards Crysanthos, the veteran warrior


    Crysanthos, the veteran warrior


    Towards Nellerlë of Astan


    Nellerlë of Astan

    Friend and latter spouse (Vital)

    Towards Yuya, the Seris adventurer



    Yuya, the Seris adventurer

    friend and latter spouse (Vital)

    Towards Nellerlë of Astan



    Wealth & Financial state

    After her retirement and also before due to the rewards given to her by the king of Brire after helping defending Banias, Nellernë lived a very comfortable life, with her own house (that she shared with his friend and later husband Yuya).
    Current Location
    420 AP 840 AP 420 years old
    Astan (Seris Empire)
    Place of Death
    Yuya, the Seris adventurer (friend and latter spouse)
    Current Residence
    Presented Sex
    light blue
    long curly blond
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    pale white
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    -Hey Spiky, take this or you gonna catch a cold...!!! (Before shooting a magical fire arrow to an Ice Lion)   -Am I the only one of us that have been hearing all  this conversation and only heared a bunch of bulls****? (Nellernë about the dispute between two sages)   -Nelli, what are you doing there?  
  • Aiming to his head, oh Gods, how ugly he is....
  • (Nellernë during the siege of Banias (617 AP)  
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    Nellernë was raised bilingual, speaking common elvish with his parents, and speaking Seris with the rest of his friends and neighbours. Eventually the knowlegde of elvish was crucial for their adventures on the other side of the sea, because it is the international language of most of the region around the Middle Sea. Of course, after spending many years in Brire she also became very fluent in Oronian.

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