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Guide to the mythological creatures of Yeia

Yeia is home to many cultures, many faiths, and many myths, thus many mythological creatures, here are one of the most famous and most powerful of this beasts; protectors of the divine, messengers of the gods, dreadful monsters or loyal servants that many cultures in Yeia, aside of being subjects of many stories and tales, believe they exists (and for some of them, they might be right...) 
  1. Cloud Lion : (Roar, Predator,food)
    Cloud Lion
    Species | Feb 5, 2023

    The famous seris mythical creature, the protector of the Heavenly Palace and the eater of clouds!

  2. Tyrin, the messenger of the gods: (Messenger, Gentle,nocturnal)
    Tyrin, the messenger of the gods
    Species | Feb 9, 2023

    The messenger of the gods and a sign of the birth of an important being in Seris and Ikarian Mythologies

  3. Aranlek, the snake king of the deserts of Unhellion: (mythical, danger)
    The Aranlek, the Snake King of the deserts of Unhellion
    Species | Feb 23, 2023

    A mythical beast of the deserts of Unhellion

  4. The Primordial Dragon: (horn, stripes)
    Primordial Dragon
    Species | Feb 25, 2023

    The Goddess of creation in Davidovian mythology, the mother of all the gods and the former Queen of Heaven.

  5.  The Griffon (bond, wings, tamed)  
    The Griffon
    Species | Feb 27, 2023

    The battle mount and loyal companion of the elven and davidovian goddess of fire!

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