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Grand Master of the Knights of Light

I swear upon the Holy Scriptures containing the teachings of our Wise and Holy master Yemmu, that I'll rule this order according to his teachings, that I'll expand them so that the people might prosper, I'll protect the weak and poor and my brothers in arms too. And I'll fight the forces of evil, even if i have to give my life defending the light ways of magic
— Oath of the Grand Masters of the Order of the Knights of Light
    The Order of the Knights of Light is one of the few military orders existing in Yeia. They are considered as an armed branch of the Followers of Yemu. Its leader is the Grand Master of the Order, elected for life by the Assembly of Mastes. He directs the fate of the order from  the headquarters of the Order at the castle of the Monastery of  Telorion, in Brire .  


  The duties of the Grand Master are supervising the organization of the order, leading the armies of the order if needed, and finally being the supreme high priest of the order. He also forms part of the The High Council of the Order, the legislative body of the order of the Knights of Light, comprised of the Grand Commander, the Marshall of the Order, all the Masters of the Order. and the Grand Master himself. It meets twice a year to discuss the policies of the order and to recieve the reports of each one of the masters about their respective regions.  

Uniform and special items

  The Grand Master of the Order of Knights of Light wears the same uniform as the rest of the knights, a white tunic with a green star and a sword resting over a book, depicted on it symbolizing both the light ways of magic and also the fight that the Knights have to do against the forces of evil always keeping in mind the teachings of their master. But the Grand Master also wears the Chain of Virtues over his chests. This chain is engraved with miniatures of the book that contains the teachings of Yemmu as well as gems and quotes of Yemmu written in Classical Elvish . This was a gift of the Sun Elf King after the War of the Great Call and it was made by the most skillful sun elf artisans. He also carries with him a magical golden sword believed to have the capabilities of pearcing through armour and even the skin of Ice Lions.   Another of the Grand Master's special items is a magical book called the Book of the Righteous Men. He contains very powerfull magical spells and beautiful illuminations. He also have a little book of hours at the end that helps the Grand Master when its time to go to the Holy Chapel for praying.  

Famous Grand Masters of the Order

  • Larik the Wesdalandian: Founder of the Order in 701 AP and its first  Grand master. Considered a saint among the Followers of Yemu 
  • Aikides Pylaid: Second Grand master of the Order, during his rule the order became rich through trade and also expanded its bases across the known world.
  • Almaric of Tapuy: Current Grand Master of the Order, and the youngest to date to have been elected to the office. He really expanded the power of the order and its armies. Since he became Grand Master the Order has succesfully fought in some of the most important military conflicts across Yeia. 

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