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The government that rules over the city is known as the Yawata Diet. The Diet is in control of the day-to-day life of Yawatan Citizenry. They maintain the infrastructure, the city's budget, and keep tabs on major trade organizations (whether legal or illegal). The aristocracy of Yawata control the political and military aspects of the city.


Yawata is guarded by two layers of walls. The Yawata guard protect the gatehouses and the battlements of the city. The entrance to Yawata is a raised bridge with a moot that protects the exterior of the outer wall.


Yawata is a prime location for slavers, bounty hunters, drug dealers and any merchant. There are plenty of shops to buy equipment or supplies from. The city’s manufacturing sector is focused on iron and copper mining.


The roads coming and leading to Yawata are barren, old and bleak. I traveled from Kuriyama to Yawata during my quest. The walk blistered my feet. The road occasionally left behind remains of bandits or the innocent. -- Katsuyori, Kenshi Wanderer
  The infrastructure of Yawata is fairly poor. The maintenance workers of the bath houses and the roads are rarely paid in sufficient cen. A lack of resources and funding has brought the city's sewage and water supply very low. Slaves are now the bulk of the city's workforce when it comes to infrastructure construction and maintenance but unskilled labor has damaged the integrity of these ancient roads.


Architecture in Yawata is very simplistic. Many builds are made from sandstone. The walls however are made from salvaged scrap and poor metals. Shanty houses surround most of the outer district.
Alternative Name(s)
The Cragspine City
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Doto Clan

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