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GENERAL   Your characters are not awesome, you were not a master assassin, or an all powerful wizard, or a army general, or a high priest. You are just some guy/gal who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and took a stand/did what needed to be done. You have the basics of what it takes to be an adventurer, and not much else. You might know a bit about magic, or maybe you‘re a decent pickpocket. You may have done a year of service in an army or maybe you were raised in an abbey. This is a zero to hero story. Your character has to be someone who would want to save the day, or at least take a stand for what they believe in. I don’t care if you grumble while you do it, but if it’s going to take an entire session to convince your character that he/she should do the hero thing, then maybe you should rethink your concept. Also be prepared to be flexible. This is a group game and if your character is too rigid in their beliefs, they may not fit well within the party.   Character creation will 99% be limited to PHB and Xanathar’s. You will all start at level 2 and use starting equipment or wealth. If you have this amazing homebrew that you’re dying to play, bring it to me and I’ll look over it and make a ruling. You should be prepared for me to say no.   God’s will play a part in this campaign. Plan accordingly. You don’t have to be a devout follower of any god, but you will likely be aware of them.   SETTING   This is a high fantasy setting. There will be dragons, undead, orcs, trolls, and all the other random shit that you would expect. The story will start in the Town of Mesaana. It is a quiet farming village on the border of the Kingdom of Isara, and the Eastern Wilds. At least it usually is. A holy relic has been discovered in the Wilds. Emperor Spurius Corvinus has sent out a call for men and women to assist in the search.   Things you would know   We are in the nation of Isara. Mountains to the North and Northeast, waters to the south, wildlands to the East, and a molten chasm to the west known as the Scar of Gaius. It is a once prosperous nation that has been less so since the death of Emperor Proculus Caelestia and his family 14 years ago. It is currently led by Emperor Spurius Corvinus. The nation has not had the same prosperity under Corvinus' reign. Crop yields are not as good, soldiers move about the countryside in strange patterns, and life is just a little bit harder than it used to be. There is even a small rebel faction roaming the countryside.   The aristocracy and governing bodies of Isara declare a divine right to rule. There are Aasimar in their families, so they could be right.   Upper society in Isara is roughly based on Roman and Greek societies. There is an emperor and a small council of lawmakers who rule over the nation. The patron deity of the royals is Serise. She is sometimes known as the Light Mother.         Religion   The story of creation is known by all, at least in passing. In the beginning there was just the void. A vast nothingness where souls roamed in endless torment. Then the gods arrived. Seven divine beings arrived from some unknown realm and placed a part of themselves into the void. Drawing on this power they pulled the void together and created the world.   These divine beings each control one aspect of existence in the world. They are very much a part of the world you are in. These 7 gods are called the “Gods of Creation”. There are also various lesser gods that came to be by various other means. Some gods came to being simply because enough people believed. Other’s were mortals who have ascended. There are few atheists in this world. There are people who do not worship, but there are very few who doubt the existence of gods.   Of the seven gods of creation, there are 3 of entropy, and 3 of order. One is neutral.