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The Bastard Play of Rion

A message not as well hidden as assumed.

After the first century of Dagenmaw's existence , those that came to the Republic of Free Trade to hunt their dreams were often faced with very harsh conditions to even be allowed into the safety of the cities. This gave spark to a rebellious lower class, planning to overthrow the system. To communicate between each other, the rebels made use of theatres and shows to very subtly communicate with each other underneath the guise of evening entertainment.   When final assault was planned, the idea was to set fire to a local building of importance on the night of the first new moon of Zahan. Then to strike down the leaders of Dagenmaw, Dir'raiten and Yoventen all at the same time, and take over the decisionmaking process in disguise. At least until the juridical system was reimplemented to be fair and just.   Rion, one of the Rebel leaders, was in charge of communicating the plan to all people of the rebellion. Following the idea of the theatre and plays, he wrote the a manuskript for a play, telling a gripping "fictional" story of an uprising of the poor against their oppressors. He gave it to a local bindery to be printed a couple of times and then spread into the different stores that worked with the rebellion. But after reading the story, the book binder was impressed, and saw a good story to make money. He sold the play to an upper-class binding colleague of his. Unexpectedly, and unknown to the lower-class and the rebellion, the play was adored by the people of higher status, much read and well discussed.   So when the first new moon of Zahan came around and the rebellion set fire to the buildings, a few of the more invested people recognized the eerie similarity between that gripping play of hope and the events happening at the moment. Warning the legislation early and having them know the entire plan gave the opportunity to react quickly. Instead of staying in the chambers of decision, the officials and represenatives moved into a different part of the city. The soldiers, who ended up playing decoys of those to be assasinated were quick to overwhelm the attackers, and with that failure effectively ending the rebellion. For earning all the leaders including it's writer a place on the gallows, Rion's work was then dubbed The Bastard Play.   Most libraries of the The Calassarae carry a copy of this very unlucky attempt at a secret message.
Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)


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