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Fitz "Captain Shatterback" Barley

(a.k.a. prev. Friendly Fire)

I can not be taken down by the likes of you. No swords can cut me, no arrows pierce my shell so you shall pray for my demise and be given naught but suffering in return. - Captain Shatterback

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A female tortle past her prime and a bit slow on her feet, though still very fit in terms of strength.

Special abilities

Fitz is a very base level magic user (Wizard or Sorcerer), being able to cast Fire Bolt and Message. Still, her main methods of attack are her brass knuckles for up close, and her cannons for anything past ten feet.

Apparel & Accessories

Sporting a large, black and red pirate hat with feathers, and charcoal eyeliner, Fitz is a sight to behold. Her clothes are dark and tattered, with bloodspats and terribly sewn tears, though they look like the must have originally been of good quality.

Specialized Equipment

Two retractable cannons poke out of her shell on the back. There are two thick leather pads on her shoulder, for her to rest the canons on, and four bags around her waist which are all exactely the size of a cannonball. They are all actually small bags of holding, two for her cannonballs and two more for bags of gunpowder, which are enchanted to be water- and fireproof. She also wears a pair gloves with metal parts, functioning similarly to brass knuckles. Her boots have a specific clawing mechanism, which allows her to lock into place to help batteling the cannons recoil,

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After leaving her home to pursue a live at sea, Fitz was seen mostly as a liability at first due to her size, and slower speed. Buth after proving herself at the cannons in the Battle of Rath, he inherited the position of the late gunner. A blackpowder incident left the top part of her shell shattered, earning her the name Shatterback, so in defiance and with help of a few friends and crewmates, she installed two retractable cannons in itstead. After some years of service on the ship, the crew managed to take over an additional vessel, and since Fitz had by then taken on the role of first mate, she was given the ship. Terrorizing the unlawed seas for some thirty years very ruthless and efficiently had also earned her the name Friendly Fire. Although, said name was mostly retracted after she and her crew were captured by the Elven Government and nearly hung. Still in love with life itself, Shatterback and her crew swore loyality to the Diarchy and continued her travels at sea as security vessel and buccaneer.

Personality Characteristics


Fitz strives for power, money and freedom and is highly motivated by challenges. She enjoys showing people that she has the upper hand in every situation and is considered a walking bastion of strength. As a follower of Vaelastor "The Tidal Wave" God of the Seas she is not afraid of storm or weather, and ever death doesn't scare her much, but she is proud of her sailor skills and captain qualities. And she doesn't ever want to be forgotten. She wants the fame, and her stories to be told, so she is willing to go a step further and take a bit of risk just for the dramatic flair.
Neutral Evil
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Piercing dark turquoise
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey tortle skin
6'9'' / 206cm


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