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Xyllae Chronicles

2345 G.E.

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Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. -Arthur C. Clarke
  Life...the uncertain idea of whether Earth was the only planet to support any had plagued and terrified the minds of humanity for centuries: it haunted our imaginations, a question which had no answer, and it seemed it never would...that is, until 2148, when a manned expedition to the surface of Pluto made first contact.   Man’s first introduction to the larger galaxy was a research expedition from the Elquiin Council, who had only just reached the system, thus making that their first contact with humanity.   The whole universe seemed to be turned upside down: everything that we had come to know about ourselves, especially our notions of superiority, had been shattered. The entire planet was terrified: people rushed to any safe zone they could find, riots filled the cities, demanding government action, and the nations of the world scrambled to arm themselves, but in truth, they had no idea what would happen.   Luckily, the Council of advanced life forms responded first: they sent ambassadors to communicate with humanity and spoke of desires to bring them into the Council body, although this notion was in truth still being debated and many of the members were unsettled by the comparatively primitive humans. For centuries humanity had no direct say in their affairs, advancing in technology only through trade and the interactions between ambassadors.   However, it is now 2345 for Man, and we finally have a seat on the Council. So far, it has been tenuous, at best, our position, and we must tread carefully if we are to have a real say in intergalactic politics, but time will tell how humanity will define history from that point onward.   See more info here