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Welcome to the Aether Sea...

home of the space-faring "Folk," a culture whose Technology Level is not so advanced it seems likes magic, it IS magic.   Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and more float around the galaxy in ships made of wood and stone, propelled, powered, and protected by Magic.   But agents from within or near the realm could be a threat to the strange political intrigues of the Royal Hegemony, and pirates and other mysteries are lurking at the edges of civilization and beyond. What sort of intrigues and dangers will you awaken within the Aether Sea?  


This universe is part of an ongoing span of campaigns from my own Crossover Universe utilizing the game mechanics found in Wearing The Cape, The Roleplaying Game which is powered by the Fate RPG system.   The Aether Sea, a Fate World of Adventure by Ed Turner, provides the rich backdrop for this campaign of the XOver Universe: all articles marked {AS} are drawn primarily from that work.   These works in their entirety are for the use of myself, my gaming group, and my personal future (a)musings.

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XOver Into the Aether Sea


Our XOver WTC characters stumble upon the Aether Sea

Tales of Aetheria


A team of intrepid explorers attempting to find themselves in the universe.

Xover Aetheria


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