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Duchy of Krain

The line of Krain claims a long-standing dynasty in the wildlands of Xorlund, though the political organization is more recent, geologically speaking. The first Lord Krain claimed his lands when the old kingdom of Segovia imploded into conflict.

Demography and Population

Humans and halflings are the dominant demography, followed by dwarves and elf-kin, then gnomes.


The Duke of Krain maintains a standing levy of soldiers around the capital and various castles, and a designated second levy of commoners that will be pulled into the army if war is declared.


Ides is the foremost God in the wildlands.

Foreign Relations

Rivals with the duchy of Carsley.

Agriculture & Industry

Krain predominately holds agricultural lands, but has access to many iron and copper mines to the north of Calderon.

Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Judicial Body
The Grand Judge, who is also the head of the paladin Order of the Silver Crown, oversees the execution of the Duke's laws.
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

Declaration of Neutrality

Cold War

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