The Heart against The Hope

Excerpt from the report written by Xitragupten, Secretary of the Creator, on the conflict between The Guide to Heart against The Hope of the Cosmos.

Context of the war: Alyster, The Guide to the Heart and Lumos, The Hope of the Cosmos are two members of the Hall of Creation, divine beings who have become fundamental elements of the universe. The war took place in the Xiantia Dominion, an artificial planetary system directed by Yanane the Emperor of Xiantia, a being superior to the fundamentals and a neutral part. The Guide has embarked on a time experience that has severely weakened it. The Hope of the Cosmos then took advantage of this moment of weakness to kill him. The Guide took refuge in his Technological City, herself hidden in a series of caves inside the lands of the Xiantia Empire. But The Hope involuntarily declared war to Yanane by destroying several of his cruisers believing that they were at the Guide.  

The first minutes of the fight

  [...] Barely out of hyperspace, the forces of The Hope of the Cosmos were bombarded by a barrage of spaceships. The losses on the side of Lumos were important until the arrival of her mother ship. Lumos made a shield to protect his troops and let them advance to the planet. But a detail struck Lumos. It was not only the forces of the Guide but also that of the Xiantia Empire. That would be a problem for her later.
She opened a passage for her elite troops to reach the surface of the planet but a welcome committee was waiting for them. The soldiers had to find the entrance of the caves, to go through the underground labyrinth, to survive the defenses, to find the city and to enter there to open a portal for the other troops. Of course, all these steps had their lot of fights and obstacles.[...]  

The Entrance of the Technological City

[...] After opening it, the portal allowed hundreds of troops to enter. Invading the vast plain of metal, the soldiers could not prepare for an assault because the defenses of the Guide attacked first.
When The Hope of the Cosmos arrived, she saw a real carnage. She deployed a huge barrier to protect her troops and let them position themselves. An immense black veil appeared under their feet, engulfing her soldiers but leaving those of The Guide appear behind the barrier. The war was total.
The Guide mastered the field and was clearly prepared to receive them. But Lumos was not discouraging. For her, if the assaults were so violent it was time consuming because Alyster could not fight himself. He wanted to make her give up. Lumos was surprised for a few moments but soon regained confidence. Her major asset was herself. She swept the soldiers behind the barrier and invoked a divine light that made the black veil disappear on the ground. She had sounded the hour of the riposte.
As they progressed, they encountered fewer soldiers but the pace and power of the shots intensified, to the point that each shot caused huge explosions, each time killing dozens of soldiers.[...]  

Meanwhile on the surface

[...] Even though the Empire's soldiers were undoubtedly weaker than those of The Hope, they were none the less worthy. Led by the generals of the Empire and the Emperor himself, the soldiers took back Lumos troops who were entering the caves. Their assault was large enough to divert some of the enemy troops. The Guide and the Emperor used magic, which handicapped Lumos's troops who used only technology. One by one, the Emperor decimated the soldiers who had the misfortune to be on this road. He was progressing so well that he found himself quickly in the midst of enemies. He cast a spell that temporarily paralyzed everyone around him. He was able to cast another spell that closed access to the caves. The Emperor made his way to the Technological City, letting his soldiers take care of the enemies and hoping that it would be enough to save time.[...]  

Assaulting the fortress

[...] Lumos's troops rushed into the opening she had made in the ramparts of the fortress. From there, the enemies were the most powerful soldiers and companions of The Guide. Soon, his generals faced the invaders. No matter the level of their opponents, the generals killed their enemies one by one. But they did not have time to react to Lumos who quickly crushed them to reach The Guide.
This one was posted at the top of the highest tower of the fortress. He concentrated on supporting all his soldiers by constantly caring for them, leaving him to make him the first enemy. Luckily for him, his close guard stopped Lumos in his race but could not hold it for a minute, forcing him to fight.
[...]Gravely wounded, The Guide staggered difficult to dodge attacks but they touched him more and more often. At the end of his strength, he concentrated on putting all his remaining strength in his last stroke. Lumos prepared to counter and when Alyster threw himself on her, she hit him too.  

The Dragon Break and the end


The Dragon Break

  The shock of their blows created a Dragon Break, a gap in space. A Dragon Break is a temporal phenomenon that involves a splitting of the natural timeline which results in branching parallel realities where the same events occur differently, or not at all. At the end of a Dragon Break, the timeline reconnects making all possibilities and outcomes truth, though contradictory to each other. Here, there were three issues:  
  1. Lumos successfully kills Alyster, but this one was still changing the past at the same moment. His death led to the erasure Lumos existence because it was him who organized the rescue that freed Lumos from the slavery when she was small, which led her to become the Hope of the Cosmos later.
  3. The shock was so powerful that it caused the destruction of the Technological City which, by exploding, killed Lumos, Alyster, all the people in the City and destroyed the region in which the city was located, killing 75 million civilians.
  5. Alyster was narrowly saved by Yanane who managed to arrive in time in the City. Yanane and Lumos clash but Lumos loses and dies from Yanane's hands.
  Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time, appeared and closed the break. He repaired the time and made the timeline resume just before their last stroke.
Then on the verge of giving his last blow, Lumos heavily received Alyster's attack voluntarily. After that, she ordered all her troops to retreat, claiming a strategic reorganization.  

The end

  Troubled by what happened, Lumos asked Yanane for an audience. She wanted to negotiate with The Guide to end this story. But Yanane sent her to another dimension where she found The Guide, also sent there against his will.   If they wanted to go out, they had to find a solution to this conflict that had already made so many unnecessary victims. Left without anything to help them, Alyster and Lumos clashed with bare hands to decide on a winner. At dusk, they collapsed, giving way to dialogue to settle.
Both explained their reasons for action and their methods. They concluded that the death of one or the other would solve nothing and complicate even more the situation. Their quarrel had led to war, deaths and even a crack of time. It was therefore necessary, as fundamentals, for them to accept each other and to work together for the good of all rather than confront each other for their only sake.   After being reconciled, they were released from the dimension but Yanane punished them for their mistakes. Their punishment was to heal the wounded, resurrect the dead and rebuild everything that had been destroyed, but they had to do it alone. It was a meager sacrifice for the foundation of a new relationship that would benefit to billions of living beings.
The Guide to the Heart:
A human who has access to the Fundamental state. Representative of Feelings, Experiences and Control.   The Hope of the Cosmos:
Being who has reached the Fundamental state. Representative of Hope, Ambition and Ideals.   Yanane:
Emperor of Xiantia, he is the master of Xiantia Dominion and Alyster and Lumos superior.


The Guide to the Heart
The Hope of the Cosmos


8,172,650 soldiers
13,000 spaceships
3,376 god level soldiers
The defenses of the Technological City
6,024,677 soldiers
85,497 spaceships
25,845 god level soldiers


3,624,942 soldiers
7363 spaceships
1,086 god level soldiers
91,901 dead civilians
1,402,286 soldiers
24,567 spaceships
1,319 god level soldiers


To push The Hope of the Cosmos to the point of making her give up fighting.
Take the Technological City and kill The Guide to the Heart.


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