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The Brothers (Th-a Br-oth-ers)

The planet Xenthoria orbits a binary solar system, but it goes by some different terms among its denizens. The stars are known in most religions as 'The Brothers', and are usually depicted as brothers constantly fighting in hand-to-hand combat. The smaller of the two binary stars is called Arozol, and is shown to wear a bearskin cloak, a deep red tunic, and a stick headdress covered in Sakura petals. He is associated with magic, chaos and fun. The larger of the two is often seen as the older brother of Arozol, and is called Sikall. Sikall is often dressed in plate armor, made from platinum and silver. This armor is decorated with gold linings, and they have their hair long and in a ponytail. They do have a sword and a scabbard, but they never use it when fighting-it's purely for decoration. Sikall represents law, order and justice.     Every two years(called staryear or year of light by some races) the smaller one will line up exactly with the other star, making it look a lot brighter. This staryear is also celebrated as the year of life and good fortune. The symbol for staryear is two boys hugging each other(they've made peace for a year, before they go back to fighting).

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