Song of Creation

Written by Heart

You speak of me as if I am evil, prideful little Inanna. Yet you are what created me. I formed from the great song due to the interference of your people, and was that such a bad thing? Through me you created art, song, dance, and poetry. I am desire, creativity, freedom. Without me, what are you? What is any sapient being?

The Song

Before Xardia existed, there was nothing but the void of space. The galaxy held a few sparse inhospitable planets that circled the sun, and nothing more. One day, the Creator appeared, and it saw nothing but the void and despaired. Desiring to bring forth something here in this lonely place, a light in the darkness. So, the Creator began to sing. Using the language of the ascended, it began to weave a song of life into the void. A planet formed, and with the planet came land, water and air. But this planet was lonely even with this abundant tiny, tiny lives of bacterium, and so the Creator continued its song.   As the song continued, the Creator began to create forms of life. Starting with plants it began to sing of the lush images that flowed within its mind. Of grass and hills, of bushes and flowers flowing from the ground to take in light from the very sun from which it had arrived in this lonely little galaxy. The song continued, growing more confident with each note until the Creator formed the first trees of the world. The plants talked to one another, they whispered and shifted in long, droning voices that caused the Creator to crave something more.   So it began the next theme. This time, the song evolved rapidly forming into the song of creatures, of sentience. The first animals molded from reality came to be, they crawled along the earth. They yipped, hissed, and began to spread across the world that the Creator had created with such dedication. For the first time, the Creator was pleased. Watching as the creatures manifested into reality and came together. They hunted, they killed, they died and fed the next generation. A world of balance, that is what the Creator desired.  

Desire for a Peer

Yet still, it felt as though something was missing. The Creator couldn't understand what more it could desire, the animals spoke to one another, they had feelings, and goals, yet the Creator desired more. It wished... perhaps, a peer? But such a thing was beyond its means. So instead perhaps it could create children, children that it could teach. Nurture and grow, so that one day they could become something akin to their own being. Filled with joy at this idea, the Creator wove the song to expand, to change, and shift.   The next theme of the mind. The theme went beyond a simple soul and evolved it even further. To harness the soul, to shift the energy and form into a new being that could become something so much more than sentient. So it was that the Firstborn were sung into reality. The Firstborn walked the planet and looked up at their Creatori, as it continued to sing. Bringing forth more of them, dozens becoming hundreds, then thousands. But what the Creator had not anticipated, was the desires of its children not being the same as its own.   The children, so young were they, could never comprehend the idea of becoming like their Creator. No, they instead separated into two groups as they listened to the beautiful song that defied all of reality. They felt a connection to the Creator, they were part of them. And so one side wished to sing as well, they wished to show their Creator they too could sing. To gain the praise of their maker. The other half wished to peacefully listen, and all the while the rest of the world continued on without a care in the world.   This deviation in actions caused the Creator's own soul to quake, shift and split. For the mere desire to do something different from their Creator when they were so closely bound as one caused the fluid, impossible nature of the Awakened being to shift into what was now needed. The Creator was no more, and yet they were still. But in its place there was now three separate beings, these beings each claimed their own name, and their own goals within the song. As they split, the body of what had once been the Creator floated upward into the sky, forming into the first great moon, Selares.  

Forming of the Trinity

From this rubble came three great beings, the trinity. The Celestial desired order, and continued the original song willing the Firstborn to listen as more of their ilk began to spread through the world. The Daemon desired freedom, and wished for the children to sing as well, and so it granted them the power to sing. So many of their numbers did, singing their song alongside the Celestial whom barely tolerated such a thing, as they were naught but children.   So was the Primordial Magic born. For they could not sing the language of the awakened as their Creators could, and so instead they sung another language as they tried to comprehend the song of their makers. This weak comprehension of the language of their makers combined with the energy their existence, and the existence of the Daemon itself. Molding it into reality, forming it into part of the world just as much as any creature.   Finally, Nature held little interest. Watching as the chaos and order began to form, deviate and shift, it mindlessly watched the actions of the children and found them lacking. So, it settled in place and listened as the song expanded across the world. It hummed along, and as it hummed its form shifted and changed. Its feet became roots, its flesh wood. For it had no interest in these higher beings, but instead only in the world around it. The world that spoke slowly, patiently, but carefully. These creatures held so much more potential than the silly Firstborn that they had made.   So the song continued, and as it did so the Firstborn continued to gather and split. Until finally, Nature rose above them all. The great World Tree made manifest from the flesh of the Creator, bound to the very world that it had created. Finally, the two halves of the Firstborn and their individual "parents" faced against one another in the song. The Celestial wished to prove it was superior, and so it wove the song into the shape of elegance, sleekness, beauty, a way to protect all life.  

Birth of the Titans

It was in this way that the first of the Dragons were formed. But the Daemon laughed, for these creatures were truly mighty, yet they refused to eat. To hunt. For it knew Nature's desires, even now in its earliest of stages and knew that Nature would never stand for a creature that would only protect life. It was so, that the Daemon pleaded with its sibling to grant it power and so the great tree hummed along with the song of the Daemon. The shadows flickered, and from the darkness came the Gulon, and all creatures knew fear.   Balance restored, the Celestial paused. Realizing that Nature would not allow either side to "win" this exchange, and slowly it backed down. The song swirled, shifting, and ended. As the song did, so too did the world pause. So much had changed, so quickly. But now, the world rose out before them, and even now the Trinity desired to nurture their preferred children. For they desired, above all else, to raise the world up to become their peer. The same desire they'd had when they'd been one.   The children followed their parents, and the Firstborn spread across the new world. Listening to the guiding words of all the Trinity, worshiping none more than the other. Listening to their guiding words, and for many years, there was only peace. The trinity working together to help their children evolve and change. It would not be for many years when the Daemon grew impatient, or perhaps simply had an idea, that all this would change during the Great Rupture.


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