Written by Heart


You may not think you know of her, but I assure you, she is quite well known throughout the history of humanity, though I suppose many would consider it to be Mythology, I forget how short-lived you humans are. Her name is Inanna, however, she has gone by many names throughout human history, worshipped as a goddess for much of her life despite never actually encouraging such actions. Perhaps her other names would hold familiarity, for instance, Ishtar. Or perhaps Freya? You have so many cultures and languages, it's hard to know which would be better known at this point.
— Archdruid of Altris, Jitrius


"Ishtar", "Freya", "Amun", "Al-‘Uzzá", etc.   Age:
100,000~   Gender:
Female   Species:
Firstborn / Fae Hybrid   Ethnicity:
Primal Fae   Eyes:
Silver-Green   Hair:
Chestnut Brown   Skin:
Dark Olive   Height:
9'3" (281 cm)   Weight:
512 lb's (232 kg)   Occupation:
First Queen of Faedra


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