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Fountain of Life

Written by Heart

This is what was once the great Tree of Life, the very avatar of The Creator themselves, our tie to their power as their chosen children. However, the darkness and jealousy of mortal hearts, combined with the corruption of Daemon, led to its destruction. Now, we stand as the guardians of what remains, where you see a great lake of beautiful violet waters, we see the blood of The Creator, and we refuse to ever try to contain it. So that we can always remember our folly, the pride we held that led to our downfall, and to the fall of The Creator's avatar. The trust that they placed in us wrongly to defend them.
— The First Queen of Sylvis, Inanna


Though it is called a "Fountain of Life" by mortals, this is more commonly referred to as "Faera", or the "Birthplace of the Fae" by those that live on the continent itself. A land that is the more fertile than anywhere else in the world, despite this, the land is comparatively small when compared to the other continents. However, it is more than large enough to hold a substantial population. The continent is shrouded in a heavy mist tinged with purple smog, and when inhaled often causes drowsiness and numbness to those without the blood of Fae.   Should one manage to make their way through the mist to the continent itself, the first glance would bring many to a loss of words. A great towering plateau of rock rises into the air, perfectly vertical with no signs of hills or sloping, massive roots that appear to be that of a tree cracking through the stone and winding around it from every angle, before diving deep into the ocean without any end to them in sight. Each root far larger around than even the oldest of trees throughout the rest of the world.   From these roots, boats are able to attach themselves, and often vines are woven with magic to bind the ships in place as well as offering handholds. If necessary, lifts made from vines are lowered to help lift visitors up and any large merchandise they may have through the usage of magic. Even boats can be lifted up in this manner if deemed necessary by the populace. Once lifted hundreds of feet into the air, those that visit are confronted by a massive land spanning far beyond what the eye can see.   The land is in the shape of a bowl, the sides sloping steadily inward until they meet shattered chunks of what appears to be what remains of an impossibly large tree trunk split into multiple towers of wood. From this broken trunk, brilliant springs of sparkling purple sap more similar to water than normal tree sap, pour outward filling the bowl endlessly. The walls of the continent hold rivers that spill outward, dipping into the ocean and creating the purple mist along with supplementing the ocean itself with the trees unusual sap.   Despite the clear fact that the tree is long destroyed, the remaining roots all appear entirely alive, as is what remains of the trunk as massive branches grow out from it with deep violet and blue leaves, the wood itself holding a deep maroon color, tinged with shades of brown. Built from these branches-- or perhaps, grown from them, as there appears to be no usage of nails or other constructive materials at all-- are great buildings large enough to hold entire human cities within them, each decorating a different level of the trunks branches.   The sap lake beneath it holds many boats of varying sizes ferrying others across it, and beyond the edge of the brilliant purple waters there appear to be entirely separate villages, farmlands, and incredibly dense forests that hold the same deep maroon wood, yet they lack leaves of any sort. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that they are not trees, but instead the smaller roots that branch out from the great tree at their core. Countless beings of inhuman origin cover the lands, guards wearing armor crafted from the deep maroon wood wielding long spears made from the same material, elves, dryads, and more walk the lands hand in hand with ferocious beasts such as wolves, bears, and far more exotic creatures just as humans would dogs and cats.   Exotic plants decorate the lands, leaves of bright purple, flowers and vegetables, even fruit bushes that are slightly similar to other continents variations, but nothing near as rich and vibrant. Even the grass is such a rich green that it appears nearly blue in some areas, the buildings appearing to have been grown instead of built as if they had just sprung from the earth designed just the way that they were needed to provide shelter and protection to their inhabitants.  


The districts of the land are distributed based on two locations, either on the land itself or grown from the tree's trunk. Due to this, the separate "districts" each come with a name, and each holds a population equivalent to a city, the tree trunk itself obviously having the most substantial total of Faera's population. The land which is considered the "final district" is then broken up simply by the four basic directions and is generally called things like "Northern Sylva'tri", and similar titles. Though some individual villages have nick-names, they are generally only used in casual conversation and don't exist on maps of the land for the most part due to the nature of the civilians magic generally able to sense other groups of living beings.


Though the continent is not limited to the Fae, due to the solitary nature of the race those that reside in Faera tend to be those that are Fae themselves or those that have the blood of Fae within their veins. Due to this, it's common to see Dryads, Nymphs, and Elves within the villages and cities that cover the landscape. Similarly, the few pureblood Fae that still exists within the realm tends to be found here, though they are still quite rare and hybrids are a bit more common. Though humans and non-Fae descendants are rare, they do occasionally appear, and there is a surprising amount of sea-based sentient species as well due to their ancestry connecting them.


Beyond the obvious benefits of having a population where even the youngest child is capable of releasing magical spells, and tend to be superior to an average human in a variety of ways, there is also the substantial fog that coats the land as a defensive barrier keeping any non-fae out with relative ease. However, the most potent defense of the Fountain of Life is the fact that the entire continent itself holds limited sentience. This is why the land is considered a sacred land, as the tree itself senses the intents of those that are near, and will remove those invaders on its own without those that live alongside the tree in peace. Any that wish to do harm to the people of the land are sensed, and find themselves either stopped or killed by the land itself.   Occasionally this comes in natural ways, such as a sudden earthquake, or animals suddenly turning feral when they normally wouldn't and slaughtering the individual(s), and at other times it is far more direct. The reaction is based on the behavior in question, an example would be a thief coming back home to find his own valuables and home crushed under a sudden earth shift. On the other hand, a murderer suddenly finding themselves hunted by a pack of wolves, attacked by a bear, or perhaps even the roots of the earth itself ripping forth and strangling them before ripping them into the earth to become nutrients for the plants themselves. The tree simply knows these actions a mixture of telepathic and empathic magic radiating from it in an unstoppable field.   Even the most powerful of beings are unable to hide from the tree's senses, and though sometimes its actions may be delayed, it is well known that misdeeds on the continent never go unpunished and that the "Land itself will become your jury, judge, and executioner.". This also is why the culture of the land is so relaxed, kindness and sharing is encouraged, reducing the need for crime as they grow and support one another as best they can without such actions, unlike the short-lived humans. There are also, of course, the variety of rituals and ancient magic that the Fae can cast by tapping into the great tree itself and the Site of Power it resides on, granting a wide variety of powerful options in an emergency.  


Once known as "The Tree of Life", the land itself was once the center of the great continent that the world once was before the "Great Rupture". The roots of the great tree spread across the sea floor and found themselves rooted all the way to the core of the planet itself, as it was the living embodiment of The Creator themselves.
Fountain of Life Sidebar
by bmd247
The trees here are truly incredible, even the smallest are taller than the oldest of oaks I've ever seen in my life. But why do they not have leaves, or foliage of any sort for that matter?

  They are not tree's, Magnus my friend. Simply the roots of the glorious tree that once resided here.
— Grand Scholar Magnus Everlight, and Fairy King Oberon


Continent, Forest, Site of Power   Government
Sovereignty, Ruled by Queen/King   Alternative Name(s)
Tree of Life, The World Tree

  • Seledrim
  • Felesir
  • Zolest
  • Celtrin
  • Malvaritium
  • Sylva'tri
200,000~ Total  
  • Fae (4%)
  • Dryads (19%)
  • Nymphs (12%)
  • Elves (62%)
  • Other (3%)
  Allied Lands
  • Altris (Illegally)
  • Sylvis
  • Neltris
  • Zeltris
  • Call of the Wilds
  • Will of Nature
  • Blood of the Beast
  • Blessing of the Fae
  Native Species:

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Cover image: by Yipo Gao


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Apr 29, 2018 13:17 by James Hiwatari

I like the built-in self-defence mechanism in the continent. Really useful. :)

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Aug 10, 2018 20:23 by Kaleb Kramer

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Thank you! Yes, I compared it in my book to a person that has entered a coma due to a debilitating head injury. They may not really be there mentally, but on some empathic level they still are aware of their surroundings in some cases, and of course, are still very much alive.

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This is a great article! It is very detailed, and I love the imagery that is included. :)