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Twin Jewel

The Twin Jewel was the flagship of the Twin Siblings, the only rulers of the Uchana Union. After its first voyage, the owner and builder gifted it to the Siblings, who were so delighted it remained in their possesion until their passing.
The ship is credited with being the first to map out the entirety of the Inner Sea, and the first to travel around the continent.


Before the Sea Accord, and with the memory of the Opela Tragedy fresh in the collective mind, the people of Xalier were only able to navigate in the many rivers and lakes littered around the continent. Only a few (mad for some) fishers dared to sort of navigate the inner sea, and even fewer toyed with the idea of facing the open sea.
With only a few rivers at sea level, or deep enough, the boats in Xalier were on the smallish side and were made of lighter woods perfect for easy transportation across the many ridges and waterfalls. The biggest ships were those who navigated the Tetrak River, but they weren't bigger than 50mts in lenght.
When the Sea Accord was signed, and the first ships and small boats braved the now quieter sea, plans to build even bigger ships began to be discussed.
This resulted in a mad frenzy of people wanting to build the biggest ship, which in many ocassions led to hilarious and utterly failed results.

The Twin Jewel

What made this ship special?
Although not the first, and certainly not the biggest, the Twin Jewel was the most creative in its design.
Belat of Ugaru, the builder, was a young shipyard owner from the Great Eye Lake who had inherited a failing business from zir parents. Being still an uluru, and having no other family, ze was pushed away by the other shipping companies of the lake when ze refused to play by their "rules". Having no ties to the Great Eye Community the ulu sold the business and kept the two ships that had belonged to zir parents and moved to Opele when talk came of the Accord.
Encouraged by the Siblings interest in people venturing out in the sea, Belat of Ugaru invested every money ze had in the effort of creating a vessel worthy of the Twin Siblings.

The Design

Belat envisioned the ship as an explorer, a flagship of the chiefs, so zir design was built for endurance and cargo rather than speed. Ze took zir two merchant ships and merged them together to create a double hull vessel.
One of the most revolutionary aspects of the Twin Jewel are the three waterwheels Belat installed between the two hulls, which helped maximize the energy garnered from the wind.
Twin Jewel
The ship insignia of the Twin Siblings.

The Twin Jewel has six square-rigged masts distributed along the two hulls. Despite what may look at first, the ship has six yards which are joined at the center but can be "unclasped" if necessary.
Main Deck: Has the captain's quarters, the medic bay, a meeting room, and several dry weapon's sheds.

Lower Deck: Houses the sailors' quarters, officer's quarters, the kitchen, carpenter and blacksmith's rooms and workshop.
In the middle of the outer side of the lower deck it has several bolt trowers and ballistas in case of an a attack.
In the inner side of the lower deck there's the mechanisms that holds the three paddles located between the ships.

Hold: The hold is the storage room for the cargo.


Twin Jewel wasn't only the first ship to fully travel the inner sea, it was a key factor in the Second Expansion.
The ship's weird design remained in the people's memory and sparked a ton of similar designs, the most succesful being the Noari Merchant ships commonly used in the Luani Valley.
Belat remained the ship's captain until zir death. Whe ze died ze was so famous zir name became a title given to captains who had done a great service to the Sea.
After the passing of the Siblings, and the split of the Uchana Union, many talks were held to decide the future of the ship. In the end, ownership of the ship was returned to the descendants of Belat, whose main branch remained in Opele.
Double Belly
50 mts

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