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Moon Souls

After the death of the Wise Siblings a time of great unrest followed, as it coincided with what people called "The Second Mourning Sun".
The day the rulers breathed their last a storm filled the sky, so thick it seemed the night had come early. It continued like this for six months. Nights, now "starless", were darker than any living navasti had ever experienced; and days looked like a permanently dimly lit night.
During this time, the followers of the Wise Siblings took to help the people in every way they could. They gathered food for the poorer parts of the city and helped guard the statues and mementos related to the Wise Siblings. They also guarded the smallest towns and farms.
All this they did wearing silver clothing, or accessories and carrying white fire torches. The light reflected on them making them easy to spot. They did this to prove they meant no harm, as many people had taken advantage of the poor light to commit any type of crime without worrying much about being recognized.
During these visits to the people they helped, the followers talked about the late rulers and tried to keep their good memory alive.


The Mourning Sun also was a time of political unrest with no clear ruler taking the place of the Siblings. Those who had invaded their city, seeing an opportunity in the poor health of its monarchs, kept fighting over who would become the new rulers. However something all the invaders had in common was their hate for the late rulers and they had no qualm badmouthing them at every opportunity, or torturing those who overtly praised them.
When after six months, the lake suddenly had a bluish-white hue reflection on its surface with no visible source, the followers of the siblings interpreted it as a sign that their efforts to keep up their memory alive were approved.
Since their silhouettes first appeared in the sky and as they saw the progression of the twin moon cycle, the number of followers increased so dramatically, that the followers managed to build several temples and had an impressive amount of statues made of the Siblings.

The first jump to popularity for the newly minted deities came a year after the Moons appeared for the first time in the night sky.
A little over a week before the anniversary of their apparition, people noticed that both moons seemed to be about to hide. Since they first showed up, there has always been one at least slightly lit.
People worried, and many went to their temples begging for answers.

Their priests meditate and prayed for clarity. The darkness seemed inevitable but, as the last sliver of the moons disappeared the Eye Lake, began to slowly reflect a bluish-white light on its surface. It wasn't excessively bright, more like how the world looks on a clear full moon night. People were completely amazed.
The reflection could be seen every night of the Moon Rest, and it has become the most important festivity for every follower of the Siblings. A great number of those followers who live far away from the Eye Lake make pilgrimages at least once to experience it.

The group has decided to focus on the more charitable aspect of the Sibling's lives.
They don't preach unless asked, and they won't just accept every offer they receive. Nobody knows how they choose the people they help, but some people have coined the phrase "you're so fucking goody the moon crazies won't doubt be knocking at your door any moment now", and the term: "XXXXX" which is used to refer to a person who has a high commitment with something or someone and is usually used to describe those borderline obsessive.

What entails to be Moon Soul?

There is no one way to worship the Wise Siblings, but the Moon Souls have taken a particular way to do it. Their entire lives are dedicated to helping others. At first, they helped people in the Uchanan region, but after the events of the 100th Twin Moon Festival, a group of them have taken to wander the newer outer coastal settlements helping people learn the ways of the sea. The only payment they always seem to accept is a meal.
Religious, Pantheon

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