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Kutabastis are a feathered bidepal digitigrade species similar to avians, and one of the sapient species in Xalier.
They are one of the two species created by the Ezinvas, the gods, after the events of the Great Destruction.
Kutabastis are spread all throught out Xalier, and have adapted to the different climates and biomes the continent has to offer.

Basic Information



For the first fifteen years of their lives kutabastis are covered by fluffy feathers called down. At fifteen, they go through their first molt, after which they get their first pattern and colors (unantia, for some cultures of kutas the unantia is extremely important as they see this as an omen for the future of the individual).
Their second molting occurs at 25, when they reach their sexual maturity (same as nabastis), and it usually produces a new set of colors and markings.
Adult kutas who can't follow proper hygiene habits may molt their feathers more regularly than those that do. These molts can be either complete, in which the kuta replaces every one of its feathers over the same period; or partial, in which the kuta replaces only some of its feathers (for example, flight feathers or body feathers) Unlike Nabastis, Kutas may have more than three color combinations in the spectrum.


Kutabastis ears are two small holes hidden under the feathers near their cheeks.
Every individual has a beak which may vary from slightly curved to straight. They don't have big teeth, only small indentations inside their beaks. Their eyes have rounded pupils.

Torso and Legs

They have two arms with prehensile five-fingered hands.
Their hands, forarms and legs up to their knees are covered with heavily scaled skin similar to the nabastis.


Some kutabastis have shown horns in their heads, but is extremely rare and it's believed that kutas who present this feature have a nabasti somewhere in ther family tree.


Same as nabastis, kuta's wings sprout from their back. They are able to fly, but doing so requires training not only to learn the ability but also to gain the endurance necessary for prolonged flying.
Despite being avian not all kutabastis have wings.
130 - 150 years.
Average Height
1.70 - 2 meters

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