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Kosta, Narm & Aleg

The War of the Sea Cities resulted in a worrying number of injured veterans. These went from deep scratches which caused lose of scales or feathers, to complete limb amputations. The latter made extremely difficult for the veterans to get decent, and sustainable jobs which led to them ending up on the streets.
That was until a talented blacksmith from the city of Taud, which had studied under Lierana Hoseki, decided to use his abilities to help their mate.

Purpose / Function

The shop, located in Taud's Central Market, is dedicated to the design and confection of different types of prosthetics in a wide variety of materials depending on the functionality required by the client.
The prosthetics can be made from iron, wood, clay, or even glass; and they are decorated according to the customer's taste.
In the beginnings the shop only made the prosthetics, but as their fame grew they expanded and began to offer the rehabilitation services needed to learn to use them.


When the war broke out among the cities of the coast, Hef Zarun had been spared from draft because his abilities as blacksmith were more needed. When the conflict ended their partner, Sot, had returned with both legs amputated. In an effort to help them, and after a great deal of trial and error, Kosta had manage to forge a pair of prosthetic legs for them.
Sot had been so happy they went back to their own profession which had been carpentry.
Soon enough, the word had spread and many people came to ask for prosthetics, to which Kosta politely refuse them citing they didn't have enough experience and that had been a one time thing. But their child, Aleg, a ceramist and sculptor ended up convincing them.
With the patronage of Vonna Hoseki they opened a shop near the central market.
Originally the shop didn't have a name, but after the rests of the shopkeepers complained about the lack of sign outside, and how their shop diminished the value of the others, an angry Hef came up with the name: Kosta, Narm & Aleg, because "it sounded fancy enough for those entitled blabbermouths".
The Zarun family has been running the shop for ten generations.
Shop, Generic

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