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Xahian Uniforms

As a society with a strict heirarchy, even within social standings, the clothing worn by citizens of the Federation of Xah is the prime indicator of one's place. Clothing is issued by the state, and only clothing appropriate to one's place in Xahian society can be worn. Non-adherance to this policy is deemed as disruptive to The Sevenfold Path, and persistent offenders are classed as 'dissidents' and punished accordingly.   To most Xahians, their uniform is source of pride, an indicator of their achievements and place in society and they wear it with pride. Even members of the Worker caste wear it willingly, or at least because its free, well made, and practical.   To the citizens of the Northup Alliance, and all the non-Xahains who toil under the yoke of Xahian occupation, the uniform is a clear indicator of the totalitarian nature of the Federation of Xah and the evils it embodies.  


  The outfits are coloured according to the wearer's caste, with patches that denote rank, location, and other indicators of importance.   Leader Caste: Black
Warrior Caste: Blue
Mother Caste: Yellow
Technical Caste: Red
Farmer Caste: Brown
Engineer Caste: Green
Worker Caste: Grey
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
Made of a dirt-repellant material that is designed to be hard wearing and durable.

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