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Xahian Power Armour

Xahian power armour (Tʌp Gʌsg Nibʌjʌjti lit: tough attack armour) is the primary form of protection for frontline Warrior Caste combat Soldiers. At a doctrinal level, the Warrior caste does not employ large numbers of armoured vehicles, instead relying on air and orbital support, and armoured infantry. Due to the large, powerful nature of Warrior caste members, no other faction is able to field the same quality of armoured troops as the Federation of Xah, even if the technology was comparable. It is the presence of these armoured suits, along with the Federation's superior space technologies, that keeps the Federation the most powerful nation in Known Space.   Although powered suits are commonplace, the Federation of Xah is able to continue to produce advanced suits with the Technical Caste consistently improving the technology, and equipping it with a wide suite of weapons, giving it an unrivalled versatility. Whilst the Federation of Xah has the manufacturing capabilities to equip all of its Warriors with power armour, in practicality, only frontline Soldiers are equipped with it on a regular basis, and even then only when the mission necessitates it. 'Standard' Warrior armour is still effective and the natural abilities of the Warrior caste give them an edge over the troops of other factions.  


  The suit does not have variants in the traditional sense: the main weapons are arm mounted and easily exchangeable depending on the mission parameters, with a mix of two different types of weapon being standard. For anti-infantry, urban pacification, and light vehicle threats, the suit is equipped with a large calibre (20 mm) rotary cannon, firing at a rate of around 6000 rpm. For anti-armour and bunker penetration, the suit is equipped with a railgun that can fire large kinetic penetrator shells, and for an anti-air role, the suit can be equipped with an energy weapon that fires a proton beam. Finally, in a support and indirect fire role, the suit can carry a missile launcher; the missiles range from small kinetic penetrators, to larger HE rounds, but all are guided and capable of substantial range.   The secondary weapons on the suit are either a small calibre flechette gun, similar to that carried by Guardian troops on garrison duty, or a grenade launcher capable of firing a number of different lethal and non-lethal rounds. Such weapons are provided as a back-up in case of main weapon malfunction or damage, or to provide less destructive fire options, if needs be. All suits are also equipped with a turreted, head mounted laser point defence system that can neutralise and destroy incoming missiles.   The suits are typically operated in squads of 5, with three being equipped with a mix of rotary cannon and railgun, a fourth with rotary cannon and particle beam, and the last carrying a rotary cannon and missile launcher.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Outer shell

  The protective outer shell of the Tʌp Gʌsg Nibʌjʌjti is composite material of high grade titanium/aluminium alloys mixed with ceramics. The exact nature of the material is a closely guarded secret of the Technical Caste, but is capable of resisting kinetic and explosive impacts with good 'multiple hit capability. The shell is layered, to allow for flexibility of the operator inside, and the armour itself is in plates that can be easily replaced in the event of damage. In the field, emergency repairs can be conducted by using epoxy resin to seal cracks in the armour that might occur from high impact attacks.  

Inner suit

  Inside the armour, the Warrior wears a sealed, close-fitting outfit similar in shape and material to a soft-shell spacesuit, but with a system of exoskeletal micro-hydraulics and servos. This outfit provides environmental protection and allows the operator to perform in conditions from toxic environment to a hard vacuum and is 'hard-wired' into connectors embedded in the Warrior's own skin. These connectors deliver the commands to the servos and micro-hydraulics from the Warriors own muscle use, allowing the operator to use the suit with minimal resistance and instant haptic feedback, which in turn is connected to the rest of the armour. Various other life-support systems are fitted to this inner outfit, including bodily waste disposal and IV lines feeding nutrients and combat drugs to the operator.  

Power Supply

  The Tʌp Gʌsg Nibʌjʌjti is powered by a small fusion reactor attached to the back of the suit. This reactor is fuelled by a mix of tritium and deuterium, with a time between fuelling of 6 to 9 months, depending on workload and the weapon loadout equipped. Those suits equipped with energy weapons have a tendency to need refuelling more frequently than those with ballistic weapons. The reactor is designed to be removed entirely in one piece, and a fresh fuelled-up reactor added, with refuelling taking place at a specialist facility away from the front-lines. The armour also has a battery back-up that allows operation of the suit's motor functions for around 24 hours (but no weapon fire). This allows the operator to ditch the reactor in case of excessive damage, but still allow them to retreat to a safe location for pick-up. The reactor is passively safe, and a containment breach results in instant shutdown. Early suits were notorious for exploding when the reactor suffered catastrophic damage, but this issue has since been resolved.  


The Tʌp Gʌsg Nibʌjʌjti has become a symbol of either Xahian military success, or unwarranted aggression, depending on whose propaganda is listened to. For Xahian citizens, it is a reminder of the righteousness of their cause, that no other faction can create its equivalent, but to non-Xahian civilians under the Federation's sphere of influence, its a constant reminder that the might of Xah brooks no dissent.   Units that wear the armour are referred to as 'Paladins' by civilian media outlets within the Federation, and 'Clamshells' by the forces of the Northup Alliance.  
Item type
Owning Organization
1,600 kg
2.60m x 1.86m
Base Price
Raw materials & Components

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 May, 2021 21:20

Nice article! I like the armour and the technical drawings that you have go really well with it :D   Regarding the design, even if it use a material more solid than glass, is it not a vulnerability to have a big see-through zone like that? Or is the gain in visibility overcompensating that vs a smaller a opening?   I'm wondering how the armour deals with ammunition. Is there a certain amount stored inside of it? Even so, I imagine that it needs to regularly refill and so there should be some kind of bag/box being carried around, with several armours moving together so that there are still some active while one is refilling.   I like how you've think about the risk of a damaged reactor :D   With the autonomy of the armour and the suit worn by the pilot, I'm guessing that they stay inside for long period of time. Is it physically tiring to be piloting those armours? Or will it be "only" mental fatigue?

Feel free to check my list of WE articles.
18 May, 2021 06:30

Thanks for the comment :)   The big see through area is the armour appearance when the front has opened up, to allow access for the operator, it's usually closed, and is as well armoured as the rest of the suit. I'll perhaps put in an image with better perspective in that regard.   Ammunition is carried in big drums on the suit's back; it's a lot, but will require refilling eventually. Units of armoured troops are typically accompanied by unarmoured troops, support people and supply vehicles, so restocking can happen. A bit like a tank would.   And yes, the pilots do stay in there a long time, days if necessary. It would be extremely fatiguing to most people, but Xahian Warriors are a genetically engineered caste, with heightened physical attributes, and are trained to deal with the rigours of this type of combat from their early teenage years. Reproduction in Xah is entirely in-vitro, and to contribute one's genetic material to new generations requires exceptional ability, so most Warriors would endure the uncomfortable nature of wearing the armour for long period, as to increase their chances of being 'worthy'.   I shall certainly check out your own article. Thank you for your interest in mine :D

18 May, 2021 12:45

Nice read! Great looking drawings as well, it gives it a real engineering feel. Nice addition of a fusion reactor to the armor and the drawbacks of the first generation xp Your writing style is pretty neat as well with a very technical feel.

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25 May, 2021 01:18

A very nice article! A lot of detail. It really gives a sense of the setting too! Especially the different names or nicknames the power armour has.

28 May, 2021 02:39

This is an interesting article, the caste system plays a very fascinating role in the application of the power armor. It being used purely by the Warrior Caste, but worked on by the Technical Caste, allows for a nice mix. I notice you said that the image with the see-through area is the armor when opened, so I wonder how do the pilots see while the armor is closed?

Come and take a look around my world, Totania!
31 May, 2021 08:08

The suit has a number of cameras on the outside that feed to a series of screens on the inside. It might seem reliant on technology, but it was deemed safer than eyeholes.   Thanks for your comment and like :)

29 May, 2021 15:16

I... Like big guns and I cannot lie, you Federationalists can't deny! These sound quite neat, and I love the header picture!

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