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Kusa Petar Akamu

ɟʌmɛ Kusa Petar Akamu

Kusa is a renowned Warrior Caste member and once part of the famous jʌmi organisation. Carrying the prestigious Ancestor Name of Akamu, Kusa was almost pre-destined for greatness and his future as a Contributor was almost guaranteed, being named regularly in Xahian reporting about the successes of the Warrior caste. However, an operation that failed due to poor intelligence led to a loss of his entire team and left Kusa with psychological scarring that not only lost him his place in jʌmi, but also his chance of becoming a Contributor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite his advanced years, Kusa is still physically fit and healthy, able to perform tasks that most others of a different caste would find difficult at his age. He has undergone corrective surgery for his eyes, and has implants fitted to help with his range of hearing, but for the most part, Kusa has the physical form of someone almost half his age. This is not unique to Kusa; elderly Warriors who have avoided physical trauma tend to be fit and healthy well into their later years, but Kusa has kept himself in shape more than most, building on the advantages of his lineage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like all Warriors, Kusa was born to a ʧudɔr of close to twenty thousand, on the 2nd world of the Lacaille 8760 system and was destined to become a frontline Soldier, like the majority of his ʧudɔr. Unlike most of those born in his ʧudɔr, Kusa (named Petar by his birth Mother) received an Ancestor Name in recognition of his prime genetic lineage; Akamu, one of the most prestigious Warrior lineages with many famous names.   He excelled from a young age, showing tactical and combat skills, savvy leadership abilities and a willingness to follow orders regardless of personal cost. These skills, along with his name, placed him into the elite jʌmi stream at age 10, where he continued to show exceptional ability and by the time graduation came at age 21, he was leader of his ʧudɔr combat team and marked for greatness. Assigned to a combat team, he quickly earned a reputation in combat and rose through the ranks quickly, leading his own battalion with the rank of mɛnʌngd, and a lot of the quicker victories of his unit can be directly attributed to Kusa's Battalion scoring successes in special operations. He and his unit earned merits and distinctions in both the Hip 117828 and Zeta Tucanae conflicts.   His last major battle was the invasion of the Candenus system in 1558 XC. Well aware of the approach of the Federation of Xah, the inhabitants of Candenus had fortified their system and created a series of redoubts, holdouts and secret bases, and proceeded to engage in a costly guerrilla war against the Xahians. The war dragged on for over twenty years, with well over 70 billion civilian and military deaths from the Candenusians, and almost 2 billion Warriors for the Xahians. By this time, Kusa had acheived the rank of ɟʌmɛ, and was in command of an entire jʌmi brigade, with authority over almost 25 thousand Warriors and associated support staff, all based on a heavy cruiser called 'Xah Ascendant'.   In the closing stages of the conflict, the only parts of the system unpacified were the moons of Candenus VII, some of which were still being discovered, nestled in and around its extensive ring system. Intelligence indicated that one of these small moons was the site of a shipyard, and was the location responsible for producing the guided asteroids that had been causing trouble for the ground troops on the world Candenus IV. The same intelligence indicated that the location was lightly defended and relied predominantly on stealth for its protection than military forces and the Leader strategists assigned Kusa's brigade to conduct a raid to remove the facility's capability to create its asteroid weapons but, ideally, retain enough of the infrastructure to act as a shipyard.   As the Xah Ascendant neared the enemy base, the intelligence at first was considered valid; the few missile launches from the station towards the Xahian vessel were easily defeated by point defences, and were in turn neutralised by return fire, and the ship launched a regiment's worth of dropships at the base to begin the assault.




Kusa is trained, like all Warriors, in basic combat tactics and operations, and is familiar with most of the weapons and equipment in use by his caste. His jʌmi stream education included non-symmetrical warfare, reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism. He scored highly in mission planning and leadership, as well as stealth, speed, and tactical coordination abilities.   Since his retirement from front-line operations, Kusa has gained skills in education and training, and is now able to pass his knowledge on to future generations.

Mental Trauma

Due to the events of the Candenus VII disaster, Kusa suffered for many years with PTSD, made worse by his attempts to keep it secret as it would disqualify him from becoming a Contributor. When it emerged, after a bad flashback event in public, Kusa did receive treatment for the condition, but it forever destroyed his hopes of passing on his genetic legacy. Kusa still suffers from PTSD, but a regime of psychological and pharmaceutical treatments have mitigated the worse of the effects.

Personality Characteristics


In his aged state, outwardly Kusa is content to pass on his knowledge to younger generations and wait for his body to finally fail and to rest. Inwardly, Kusa still yearns to be acknowledged as a Contributor, and for his genes and lineage to count for something, and not just be lost to the winds, despite the near impossibility of this. The conflict between these two 'faces' has led Kusa to be perceived by many as a 'little cranky' and able to snap when not approached with appropriate deference by people he does not know.
Year of Birth
9982 XC 81 Years old
Dark brown
Black with speckled grey
2.46 m
162 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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