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Cahaya Kimia

Cahaya Kimia

Cahaya Kimia is the latest in a long line of faces that front the Federation News Network, a media channel dedicated to spreading information about the Federation of Xah to non-Xahians, both within the Federation and abroad. To the Federation of Xah, it is a showcase of all that is good about itself, and a chance to highlight the benefits of The Sevenfold Path, to the Northup Alliance, it is a propaganda tool, filled with half truths and outright deception regarding the evils of a genocidal totalitarian regime. For many who live under the rule of the Federation, is it typically the only permitted source of news and information. For these reasons, Cahaya is often the 'face' that most outsiders see, a representative of the greatest evil humanity has ever produced.   Cahaya is the prime presenter of news and information broadcasts, the face that has been chosen to best represent the Federation and its ideals. Cahaya's gender, background, and caste is never referred to, although most outside observers have concluded that the media personality is probably male, of the Leader caste. In reality, Cahaya is nominally female, but her, and her predecessors and sucessors, are deliberately gene selected to be androgynous and pleasant to look at. Her biological gender is complex, and her personal preferences largely superceded by the demands of the state.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into the Leader Caste, to a ʧudɔr (sibling batch) of some twelve thousand, in the core Xahian system of Ud, on a Topopolis called Dopfud (literally four of Ud). Her mother gave her the birth name of Cahaya, and she chose the personal name of Kimia when she reached sixteen.   Whilst most of her ʧudɔr progressed in the normal Xahian manner, Cahaya was singled out at an early age, as her gene selection was specifically tailored to create an attractive, charismatic, androgynous individual. She, along with a few dozen other potentials, was fast tracked into media presenting, learning personal skills, presenting, and other skills needed to act as a face for broadcast.   Cahaya's natural abilities soon drew the attention of the wider Xahian propaganda machine, and within two years of her ʌMɛgʌʧcɛ she had been selected as the new face of the Federation News Network, one of most important roles in the Leader Caste

Gender Identity



Publically not discussed
Privately bisexual
Year of Birth
10038 XC 25 Years old
Short, Brown
181 cm
Aligned Organization

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