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ɟink mɛbi (jink mee-bye)

The Federation of Xah has a strict, stratified society, with rank being granted on merit for all professions and everyone knows their exact place and how they relate to everyone around them. The ranking system is, at its most basic level, quite simple with 10 ranks and four sub-divisions within each rank, although in practice subtleties within specific professions based on achievements and experience broadens this range further. At the very top of the ranking system for each caste are the seven ɟink mɛbi, or 'superior ninths'.   These august, highly qualified individuals have more than earned the right to be considered contributors to future generations, and are responsible for guiding their caste, and that of the Federation of Xah as a whole. They are often called up to sit on the Federation Council, and are expected to exemplify their caste in words, deeds, and in some cases, physical appearance.


As to be expected from the meritocracy that the Federation of Xah claims to be, the base requirement for progression to this role is that one exemplifies the qualities most expected of their caste, has worked tireless and diligently at their appointed tasks, and has displayed outstanding skill and ability not just in their role, but in a wider field, across all aspects of their caste.   In reality, knowing the right people helps, as although nepotism is not entrenched within Xahian society, human nature will out, and having some social connections with other high ranking members of one's caste does no harm. The philosophy of The Sevenfold Path demands that only the best get the right to contribute to future generations, and corrupting the advancement process with too much unmeritocratic advancement threatens the entire system that the Federation is working towards.


The only people considered qualified enough to appoint to this role are the other six ɟink mɛbi of a caste. A position only becomes available when one of their number dies, typically of old age although illness is not unheard of and, for the Warrior caste, the very occasional death in combat. The six remaining ɟink mɛbi receive a number of submissions for potential candidates from the rank below, the ɟʌmɛbi, and meet to discuss the most appropriate appointee.   The deliberations are held in secret, and no other caste, not even the all-powerful Leader Caste can overrule an appointment to the position. Guiding over 406 trillion individuals is a difficult task, and second guessing decision making is considered counter-productive.


For the most part, ɟink mɛbi are required to sit on the Federation Council, to make high level decisions regarding their caste and speciality, and to act as a literal figurehead for Xahian society as a whole to outside factions. Their every action and word is recorded, and they are held up to other Xahians as an example of what a good member of a caste must be like.   When a new member is taken on as a ɟink mɛbi, one of their first duties is to contribute their genetic material for future generations. Members of the Technical Caste take DNA samples from all over the individual's body, including sex cells, which are then taken away, analysed, and hybridised with other 'high quality' DNA strands, to produce viable gametes for creating future citizens of the Federation of Xah. This is considered the epitome of Xahian potential, and one's name will be recorded as being a contributor, and if one's genes are considered particularly good, then a pure strain may even be created, and one's name passed on to future generations.
Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
ɟink mɛbi
Alternative Naming
Superior Ninth
Equates to
Military rank: Grand/Field Marshal
Political rank: Prime Minister/President
Source of Authority
Professional Achievement
Length of Term
Related Organizations

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