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Halfling Pistolero Assassin

Played by Al
Core Belief
Debbie believes in herself and that obstacles may be overcome through self-empowerment.
Personality Traits
Charlatan. I lie about (almost) everything, even when there’s no need to.
Fairness. I never steal from people who can’t afford to lose it.
My pistol, which I obtained by cunning and blackmail.
I can’t resist swindling humans.
"I want it. It's mine. It makes me better, 'cause I have it."
— Philosophy of Debbie, Episode 27


Debbie can present as a human child of about twelve years of age, both in dress and appearance, fluidly swapping between genders.   Bahamut's symbol is branded on her ass, granting her the power to bless water.   A small All-Seeing Eye adorns her forehead in green and black, Gith-detecting ink.  


Debbie cannot remember her past or her parents, and had to survive the unforgiving streets of Linxak. After running with a gang of youths known as the Sharks, Debbie got good at tricking, swindling, and manipulating humans out of their money, until the day she was betrayed by their leader, Fay Gunn.   Debbie was sold into slavery to a city councilor named Lord Steelhorn, who kept her as his pet, his 'daughter', and his sex-doll, for two and a half decades. During that time, she was slowly granted more and more privileges and access, even managing to run a few scams on the side with the visiting dignitaries and merchants.   Eventually, Debbie discovered Steelhorn's darkest secret and she used it to flip their power dynamic. Steelhorn signed over her freedom, granted her citizenship, taught her how to use and maintain firearms, and gave her 'Moriarty', her first pistol. She then left him when her name was drawn in the 29th Hero Lottery.  


Fay Gunn, human cutpurse and leader of the Sharks gang.   Read Full Answer
I was an orphan at Guiding Hope, a church-run boarding house. A charitable effort from Bahamut, (praise be) turned wrong by humans. It was a horrible place where week after week you’d see human children going to good homes with loving families… and week after week you came to realize, you would never know what that feels like.   If you were lucky and well behaved, the nuns would allow you to attend an adoption day, but no one ever went home. I learned about humans early, from the first sneer and upturned lip, to the time one of them spat in my face. They hated us. The church tolerated us. But even they saw us as a burden.   Sometimes kids would go missing in the night, always deemed runaways… But I saw, a carriage would arrive and and take them, 1 or 2 kids ever 4 months or so, they didn’t wake up or struggle, they would just get up out of bed and walk out the door… but then it started happening more often, more kids were disappearing. I didn’t want to be one of them but I needed to know what was happening to them. I decided to do something about it, so I started sleeping with my clothes on and carrying a small dagger I had fashioned from sharpened kitchen knife I had stolen.   Finally one night I heard the carriage pull up and I saw on of my friends rise up out of bed and start heading for the door. I followed her and moved like she did, we both went down the stairs and out the door without interruption. We both climbed into the empty carriage. We both sat in silence as it pulled away, once it was up to speed I tried to wake my friend, I shook her and pinched her and screamed in her face and nothing I did could raise her.   When the carriage finally slowed and the door opened I was ready, I came out swinging and screaming like a banshee, my knife made contact with the skull of what I assume was the driver and he slumped to the ground. My hands covered in blood I realized what I had done and panic set in. There was no one else around. I was alone in a stable. I dragged my friend out of the carriage and slapped her in the face, she started to come to.. And that’s when I heard the match strike behind me.   Whipping around I saw a tall thin human woman, dressed in dark leather. She lit her cigarette and told me her name was Fay, Fay Gunn. She saw everything that happened and wanted to offer me a deal. She offered to help get us away from there and give us shelter if we would agree to work for her, or she could just turn us into the authorities.   My friend was coming to and starting to freak out, so I had no choice, I agreed. I had no reason to trust her, but what choice did I have? If we were turned in, I would be killed for my crime. She walked over and with a crossbow, fired four bolts into the dead man’s head. I went to grab for the man’s coin pouch, but she just laughed and told me I was too late for that. I didn’t even see her do it.   She took us through the slums and into the sewers where we met some of her other ‘rescues’. They were all children, halfbreeds and demihumans, even some half orcs. They looked as tough as they did troubled. I made friends fast and quickly learned how to pick pockets. But I had a flare for the dramatic and ended up swindling humans for gold with tricks and games to bring my cut in.   It was good for a while, we all contributed and shared what we had, we worked together to run scams and we learned how to survive. When I got older I would pretend to be a lost human child, you’d be surprised what someone will do to make a child stop crying. I learned everything I needed to know about how to survive, but I wanted more. I wanted to be as good as them, better then them.   One night a few years into being with the gang, Fay came to me and told me of a special mission, a big one. Like the biggest deal, it would be enough money to buy a home in a nicer part of town for us all to live in. She told me my role would be essential and I would have to keep it secret from the others for their safety. We were going to burgle Lord Steelhorn. I would be sold through the underground slave trade to him and once there wait until night and, open the back door for the rest of the team to come in and rob him blind.   The day came and I was dressed in the prettiest dress they could find, I had been told to leave all my tools behind to not raise suspicion during the inspection. When I got there, they striped me down and checked every hole I had, so it was a good thing I didn’t try to sneak a lock pick in.   Then they presented me to the Lord. He barely acknowledged me as I was brought in while he was taking tea and going over paperwork. I stood there naked as the day me ma birth’d me, while he went over daily updates and acquisitions, like I wasn’t important and he would get to me when he had time. Eventually he nodded at the maid, who took me from that room and to the room I would be staying. I was told I would be expected to relieve the Lord in any way he sees fit at any time he wants or I would be made to work hard labour in his mine, where I would surely die. I listen dutifully and played my part, confident that tonight I would be freed.   But then that night I wasn’t allowed to leave my room. And not the next night either.   On the third night he came to me and spoke kind words to me, telling me not to be frightened. That he would love me like a child and so long as I was obedient, he would not hurt me. He assured me I would come to enjoy his company. He disgusted me and the moment he left the room I ran down to the back entrance and unlocked it.   I waited in the dark until the sun came up. No one came. No one came the night after and the night after that. No one ever came. I never heard from Fay Gunn again. Never saw any of my friends again. Not even years later when I had earned his trust enough to accompany him through the city.   I figured it out though... The big score wasn’t a robbery, it was me. She sold me to him. I should have known not to trust a human. Only a human could do that to another person. If I ever see her again, I will kill Fay Gunn.

Reason for entering the Hero Lottery…

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“Why?…. why do I… care? What did they ever do for me? I mean… I have been spat on, terrified, kicked down, beat up, and tortured… I have been hated. I have been a SLAVE!…fuck them, why the fuck would I want to help them… The world is a piece of shit and the ‘human establishment’ has bastardized what Blessed Bahamut set out to achieve. They took a dream of unity and and progress and because they were so afraid they whittled it down to safety only for some, rights for one, the rest of us have to buy our way into a society we helped to build!   I ain’t doing this for them. Humans need shepherds, better people to keep them aware of what good decent folk do and are. They need us and the dragons to be good people… I mean look what happens when they have the reins? Death ravages the land and they hide in their high walls, living off the backs of the people that would raise them up. The Dragons abandoned us because we weren’t ready for the task of leadership, but when Bahamut comes back…. When WE bring him back… Well, they’ll all see. They’ll all listen to us, to me. That’s why I am doing this. For us. For a better world. To show those humans how it’s FUKIN DONE."
Linxak, Wyrmland
Fiery Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair and Freckled
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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