Daily Timekeeping on Wyrlde

The Calendar of Wyrlde is nothing like the Calendar of Earth, because Wyrlde is not like Earth. It takes much longer to rotate and to travel around its sun. This has led to the development of new ways to track time.   A Day starts at Dawn and ends at Dawn. The days are solar based, then, and tracked by its movement. The typical Day has about ten Wyrlde hours of sunlight – give or take around an hour depending on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes and the Summer and Winter solstice points.  

  • • A Day is 4 shifts • A Shift is 5 hours • An Hour is 100 minutes • A Minute is a measure of 10 moments. • A Moment is measure of 6 seconds. • A Second is the smallest unit of Time on Wyrlde.


This leads to a very long time between New Year’s Celebrations, which, in turn, are rather amazing experiences. The conversions above were done using a 30-day month and 24-hour day as a base. In regular play, this won’t have much of an impact, but is always nice to keep in mind during the adventures and while you read here, should a date or similar situation occur. Another way to look at it is a Season lasts roughly 1 Earth year.  


Childhood on Wyrlde is broken into stages. The first year is as an Infant. The second year they are Child. The third and fourth years they are what we would call Pre-teens, but Wyrlde calls Youths. Coming of Age happens between the 5th and 7th years, when puberty hits. This is when they are called Apprentices, only in part because it is the age most folks are apprenticed out. The other races physically mature at a slightly different speed, and take longer in their pregnancies, excepting halfbreeds. An Elf is usually pregnant for around ten months, a Dwarf for about seven, while a Therian is only pregnant for around a month.  


In terms of Wyrlde ages, Humans live about 45 to 50 years, reaching puberty between 5 and 6 years of age. Pregnancy still takes a bit more than two Wyrlde months – 28 weeks. If this seems like we tend to live longer on Wyrlde, you are correct – and if you think it sounds too short, well, you can do the math yourself. This is also why the lifespans of the other races seem so short. On Wyrlde, humans can live to be 190 earth years old. Elfs live to be over 750 earth years old. Even Therian live over a hundred earth years.


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