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Pronounced WUN-dros, this epic game universe was created by Salient Games. The company that Erris Fortua created with her friend Senn Rykov. Erris is on her way home from the release party of Wundros when disaster strikes and Erris's car careens off a cliff.   Erris wakes up to find herself in a VR lobby for Wundros. There is a person here claiming to be Dr. Theron, the physician overseeing her care. She was in an accident and her body is badly broken. She is in intensive care but they are worried about her muscles and mind atrophying. They want to put her in a VR world to keep her active and help her recover. They want to put her into Wundros. Salient Games donated the VR device and game. All she has to do is say yes.   The game that she swore she would never play. The game that she gave 5 years of her life to making at the cost to all else. The game that she quit her job over. The game she threw in Senn's face the last time she saw him. Or darkness and pain. Her choice.   ....Loading Wundros....

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