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Wruwara: Legends of Lunalah

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Lunalah is a green post-apocalyptic world full of carnivorous plants, sentient animals and pressured by the return of lovecraftian horrors and technological nightmares. It is a world of Science Fiction and Fantasy truly befitting of the sub-genre Planetary Romance.   In the world of Lunalah, the species that inhabit it all have different names for the forces that have brought them to the place the are today, as well as different ideas of those forces. Teachers. World Eaters. Gods. Demons. These beings are of those that shaped their world into what it is and how they perceive it. Each species and subspecies has their own history and mythos.   The Wruwara are the most diverse, and most abundant species of Lunalah, but they are by far the dominant. There are many terrible creatures that could prey on the Wruwara, and so they've developed their civilizations to combat those threats. However, due to their innate stubbornness, fondness for clinging to tradition, and primitive superstitions against advanced technology, they've barely advanced beyond a sort of medieval society, though some outskirt cities can be even more primitive in their own cultures.   Disclaimer: The thoughts, opinions and social moralities (and immoralities) of the characters and species herein are purely a representation of the fictional characters and species of this fantasy world. They do not reflect the whole opinions of their creator. Additionally, this world contains strong language, descriptions of violence, and expressions of sexual orientations and situations. This game setting may not be suitable for minors.