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Writers' home - meet the authors!

Introduction article

Hello, travellers!
Writing is...difficult, we know. It takes time and effort, and sometimes you'll feel like you're going nowhere.
But fear no more - this world is for you! We'll be exploring the basics of what you'll want to know before and during your writing journey. We'll explore characters, their motivations, flaws and tropes, as well as citing other sources and videos that you will definitely want to check out when you have the time
None of us are professional writers - we just want to help out with what we can

Using the WorldAnvil templates, we'll guide you through the basic stages of the writing process and slowly dive deeper into everything concerning plot, motives and themes as well as demonstrating how each part of your story is actually connected to one another

Meet the authors

Our writers

Freeman Pierrot05


Project: Amanic | Ko-fi | Twitter | My discord server
Actually, just 1.7 cats in a trenchcoat!


Grandmaster Catoblepon

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
Hey look, I have a SC prep article


Master TimeBender

Time Bender


Grandmaster arty


Check out The Hummelverse, the world of AI tanks!


How can you use this guide?

This world will be crafted in a way that no previous knowledge is recquired. While we will not explain in detail the most basic aspects of writing, we'll do our best to make it understandable so that no one will need to draw knowledge from others


Moreover, (unlike my other worlds) it will be divided into clear, easy-to-navigate categories so that you can always find what you need, when you need it's still a work in progress!

Showing your support

This project is made for you. While it's not made for profit in any way whatsoever, please consider sharing the articles published so that this world reaches more people and we can continue to create
Liking our articles and following this world are also great ways of showing us that you care about what we do, and that means everything to us

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