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Identifying Writing Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz

Written by TimeBender

This exercise is by a person named Barri Evins, and it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses in writing:

Answer these questions:

First, we'll identify your writing strengths:

  • What do you enjoy most about writing?
  • What is your favorite genre to write in, and write a few words about why.
  • What is you least favorite genre, and why?
  • What aspect of writing comes easiest to you?
  • If as a writer, you never had to do _____ again, you'd be thrilled

You're most happy when creating:

  • Action
  • Fantasy Elements
  • Twists
  • Ideas
  • Description
  • Researching
  • Outlines
  • Theme
  • Dialogue
  • Visuals
  • Characters
  • Finishing writing a story
  • Character Arcs
  • Relationships
  • Plot
  • Tension and Suspense
  • Or ______

When writing a scene, you...

  • Just hear your characters talking
  • Close your eyes and envision what's happening
  • Think about how your characters feel
  • Focus on advancing the plot
  • Concentrate on what you want the audience to feel
  • Figure out how to reveal something about your characters
  • Write everything you can think of, then cut out any extra sentences
  • Have no idea
  • Other _________

  • What kind of dialogue is your forte?

    • Snappy romantic banter
    • Contemporary teen chatter
    • Period-appropriate phrasing
    • Witty wisecracks
    • Sophisticated adult conversation
    • Milieu-specific jargon
    • You hate dialogue
    • Authentic kids' voices
    • Brisk, straightforward action
    • Inventing a new vocabulary
    • Character-revealing speeches
    • Clever, clue-laden quips
    • Distinctive voices for similar characters
    • Real-life dialogue sticks in your head
    • Or _______

    Without stopping to think twice, fill out the next questions:

    • Your favorite line of movie dialogue
    • The scene without dialogue that blows you away
    • Your favorite relationship between two characters
    • The comic moment that makes you really laugh
    • The twist that rocked you the first time your read it
    • The visual burned into your brain
    • The story that speaks directly to what you think is important in life
    • The book you can read again and again
    Of the above, which answers sprang to mind instantly and with utter certainty?
    This quiz doesn't come with a decoder, but if you answered all the questions, you should be able to answer these next few questions:
    • Your biggest writing strength is: _____________
    • Your second greatest writing strength is: ____________
    • Your least strong area in writing is: _________

    Remember there is no right or wrong way to write! Everyone's writing style is unique. What is your strongest and least strong area in writing? Leave a comment below!
    Ready-to-use template
    If you wanna have a written record of this quiz and your answers, feel free to download this GDocs document!

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    Panpan the pandabear
    16 Feb, 2022 03:37

    Descriptions kill meeeee. I can never make it flow right -_-