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Playable Races in Wren Summary

The playable races in Wren are as follows:
  • Aasimar: a righteous adventurer of celestial origin
  • Fallen Aasimar: an Aasimar corrupted by divine evil
  • Scourge Aasimar: a zealous Aasimar bent on purging evil
  • Changeling: a shapeshifting trickster
  • Dragonborn: a mighty being of draconic descent
  • Hill Dwarf: resilient dwarves with keen senses
  • Mountain Dwarf: forgers and blacksmiths who are accustomed to the dark
  • High Elf: haughty and reclusive, yet magical beings
  • Wood Elf: reclusive and distrusting elves who reside in the forest
  • Elandri Elf: elves of otherworldly grace from the Feywild
  • Dark Elf: residents of the Underdark who live in the shadows
  • Half-Elf: best qualities of elves and humans, but distrusted by both
  • Half-Orc: brutish adventurers with unparalleled strength
  • Lightfoot Halfling: affable creatures who often go unnoticed
  • Stout Halfling: the hardier half of halflings, some have dwarven blood
  • Human: noble, imaginative, yet vain adventurers
  • Rock Gnome: tinkerers with a lot of enthusiasm
  • Succubus/Incubus: fiends from the Lower Plane who exploit desires
  • Tiefling: A curious mix of human and infernal bloodlines

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