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Available Classes in Wren

The list of playable classes in Wren are as follows:  
  • Barbarian: a fierce warrior of primitive background
  • Bard: an inspiring musician
  • Cleric: a priestly champion who wields divine magic
  • Druid: a priest of the Old Faith, wielding nature magic
  • Fighter: a master of martial combat with a variety of weapons
  • Monk: a master of martial arts, achieving physical perfection
  • Paladin: a holy warrior bound to a sacred oath
  • Ranger: a warrior who combats threats on the edge of civilization
  • Rogue: a scoundrel who uses stealth and trickery
  • Sorcerer: a spellcaster who draws on magic from their bloodline
  • Warlock: a wielder of magic who draws magic from an extraplanar deity
  • Wizard: a scholarly magic-user capable of manipulating reality
  • Blood Hunter: vicious monster-hunters who aim to protect the innocent

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